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Nail Polish Marbled Flower Pots – a kid-friendly craft

Family Balance Sheet

My daughters’ Girl Scout troop decorated these flower pots and I just had to share because they turned out so well and my girls had fun making them. I used a microwave rack that has been sitting in my cupboard, unused since we bought the microwave in 2002. Using gloves, dip a pot into the polish. Place pot on a drying area.

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2012 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

Our 2002 Honda Civic has 125,000 miles and still runs well, but we don't want to have to take out a loan when it is time to replace the vehicle. Our oldest daughter is in Kindergarten and we have not started to save for her higher education. This might take us 2 years to achieve. Start a Car Replacement Savings Account.


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I’m Back!! Trip Update & More

Saving Everyday

My daughter and I at the riverwalk in Jamestown, NY (my birthplace). On May 13th, my two sisters, myself, and my daughter started the two-day drive to PA…. Restoration of the bridge began in 2002, but before it was finished, a tornado struck the bridge in 2003, causing a large portion of the bridge to collapse. I’m baaaaack!!!

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Lifeway Kefir Review and Giveaway

Nicoles Nickels

In 2002, Michael Smolyansky’s children took the helm of Lifeway Foods, with daughter Julie assuming the roles of President and CEO, and son Edward becoming Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Lifeway has also acquired top competitors Helios Nutrition and Fresh Made Dairy. And there’s a new generation running the company, too.