Pemimpin NST: Guantanamo di 20

John Gray, mantan profesor Pemikiran Eropa di London School of Economics, mengatakan, “telah menjadi bagian dari wacana Barat untuk menghubungkan terorisme dengan budaya Arab”, dalam bukunya, massa hitam. GUANTANAMO, alias Shame of America, genap berusia 20 tahun kemarin.

2002 52

Reviewing The World’s Landfills – A Future Fictional Business Plan Excerpt

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

In the early 21 st century, increasing world population, growing use of non-decomposable plastics, the westernization of the Asian continent and several world economic crisis cycles all contributed to increasing numbers of landfill operations throughout the world – mostly containing petroleum based plastic products. Although attempts at regulation and re-use abounded, most met with societal, economic and/or political failure.

2013 159

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Scarcity – The Good and the Bad

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

” Scarcity drives economics and business. In business and economics, if you have something in abundance that others consider scarce, you stand to move ahead and make a profit, but if your service or product is offered by a multitude of others you have to find other ways to get ahead. How can scarcity be good? Scarcity seems to increase value.

2014 147

The Peach Tree Battle

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

History In 2006 I planted fruit trees, in anticipation of retiring and having time to pick and use the harvest. Planting Fruit Trees Was a Bad Economic Decision We spent $95 for the trees. We are losing the battle of the peach tree. Will my tree investment ever pay off? I ordered them from a nursery catalog and paid a total of about $95 for four trees. I figured it would take at least 5 years for them to come to fruition (so to speak) and bear enough fruit to matter.

2012 167

Should You Invest In A Rising Market?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We individual investors have all become market skittish since the recent huge recession and economic downturn. In hindsight, we all would have sold out of the market at the end of 2006! Ever since we stumbled past the Fiscal Cliff and the budget crisis, the stock market has been rising like a hot air balloon in an updraft (at least as of the time this post was written at the end of March 2013).

2013 158

Frugal housing.

Finally Frugal

Way to protect your backside, economic experts!) Meanwhile, Standard & Poor's indicated that 2010 would be the year housing values stopped their downward slide, though they were nice enough to tell us that we might not see values at 2006 levels until 2020! They're guesstimating an end to the housing crisis based on, I'm sure, years of expensive education at Ivy League schools and various economic indicators.