11 Things I learned After Owning a Vacation Property

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We purchased a vacation condo in a local resort area in 2006 (yep, right before the crash). Although the operating costs are typically covered entirely each year, the opportunity cost of having all that money tied up in a property (which lost value the year after we bought it due to the recession) is huge. My sister-in-law and her husband had one that they used and rented out and indicated that it was doing well. That gave me the idea to start looking around for one too.

Should You Invest In A Rising Market?

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We individual investors have all become market skittish since the recent huge recession and economic downturn. He points out that Europe hasn’t been fixed, that Germany is entering a recession and that the US consumer and businesses are not yet ready to go on a spending spree, indicating that the economy isn’t as strong as others might believe. In hindsight, we all would have sold out of the market at the end of 2006!

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Green Stocks for the Socially Conscious

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So I then look at the debt to see if that is the reason they have so much cash through the recession. And it’s true, the debt has increased steadily since 2006. As a savvy investor, you are constantly looking for good stocks, right? I typically start my research with a company that I know and like. That way learning more about their business won’t be so boring. So let’s do a real world example.

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