What is Hungry Harvest?

The Frugal Girl

Each Hungry Harvest customer is helping to prevent food waste. What’s up with this food? This food is perfectly edible; it just wouldn’t have been sold in stores. Why doesn’t this food just get donated? Food Waste

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Five Frugal Things | Free soap pump, Goodwill silverware, and more

The Frugal Girl

I like foaming soap because it seems to be a lot less wasteful than regular liquid soap. I called Method about their soap dispensers. But the last two dispensers I got from Method became nearly unusable after just one refill. The top just stayed down when you pressed it.).

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How much should you spend on groceries? (and other grocery questions)

The Frugal Girl

Should I make my grocery budget just for food? If you are feeding male teenage football players, you will need more food than I do! I am a work-at-home homeschooling mom, which means it’s not that hard for me to avoid convenience foods and cook more from scratch.

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How to Save Money on Groceries

Family Balance Sheet

of Agriculture, a US family of 4 discards around $1500 a year on food waste. Imagine saving your family’s budget $1500 a year just by being more aware of your food waste and taking action to stop it. Stock up on Seasonal Foods/Meats. Save Big on Organic Foods.

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