Our 2019 Financial Goal

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In 2018, we decided to focus on just 2 main financial goals and before I share my 2019 goals I thought I would give you a recap on 2018. Save $10k in a savings account, specifically earmarked for medical expenses. 2018 Update What is your big financial goal for 2019?

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Thrifty Thinking: MyBankTracker Announces Best of Banking Awards for 2019

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MyBankTracker.com, a leading financial comparison site that matches consumers to their perfect bank, announced its annual Best of Banking Awards for 2019. Chase took home the award for the best national bank because of its full range of deposit accounts, credit cards, extensive financial services, and investment offerings. The best online bank award went to Axos Bank for its free rewards and high-interest checking account, unlimited domestic ATM fee refunds, and no overdraft fees.

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Easy Saving for Your Big Vacation

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So, how can you save for travel when it seems like you don't have any money to spare? Believe it or not, it can be easy to save, even when you think you can't. Tip: Have a separate account is key. Don't make it the same as your regular savings account or checking account.

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Thrifty Thinking: Managing Cash Advances and Smart Alternatives

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Use savings or borrow from family: Before paying 30% interest or more for a cash advance, consider using savings account or borrowing from a friend or family member. The current government shutdown has impositioned more than a million American workers in some way, causing many impacted consumers to look for ways to make ends meet while paychecks are missing.

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How to Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have

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Some of them will go to rent, others to your car payment and still others will go to the into your savings account. Related: How You Can Become Accountable With Your Money. Related: Money Saving Secrets Stores Won’t Tell You. Save first, spend later.

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6 Tips to Get Your Financial Life in Order

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Many people go through life on a wing and a prayer hoping they have enough in their account to cover their expenses. This means you need to start an emergency savings account , open a retirement account , diversify how you save your money, and make the most of the money you have.

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Our 2018 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

2 – Save $10k in a savings account, specifically earmarked for medical expenses. We blew through our health savings account, and now need to save another $10k so we’re not caught off guard if another emergency were to happen. 2 Additional Goals: If we save the $10k early, we’d like to work on the following 2 goals. Save for a camper upgrade. We’d like to start saving for it in 2018, if possible.