Our 2019 Financial Goal

Family Balance Sheet

In 2018, we decided to focus on just 2 main financial goals and before I share my 2019 goals I thought I would give you a recap on 2018. Save $10k in a savings account, specifically earmarked for medical expenses. 2018 Update What is your big financial goal for 2019?

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2019 Christmas Savings Club

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I promise I won’t start reciting Christmas carols, but while the holidays are still somewhat fresh in our minds, I think it would be a good idea to start planning for Christmas 2019. We have to plan and save for it. Step 1: Create a 2019 Christmas Budget.

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Tuesday Tip | There are 42 weeks until Christmas.

The Frugal Girl

But if you start doing something now to prepare for the holidays, you could save yourself a lot of financial stress in December. My primary recommendation: Start a Christmas/holiday savings account and add $10/week. This post contains affiliate/referral links.

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Six things I learned from submitting medical claims myself

The Frugal Girl

You would think that perhaps the provider could just cash the checks and credit our account, but alas, that was not to be. It’s very wise to have a medical savings account. As most of you know, this past year I had to submit out-of-network claims to our insurance on my own.

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Thrifty Thinking: Can’t Afford Dental Braces For Your Kids? Here Are 5 Solutions

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Use flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. Many employers offer these accounts to their employees to help them manage their health expenses,” says Dr. Castilla. The last thing a financially struggling parent wants to see is their child’s teeth coming in crooked. After groceries, school clothes, car payments and the rent or mortgage, there may not be much left to pay for a trip to the orthodontist so the child can be fitted with braces.

7 Tricks to Improve Your Finances

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You need to sit down and create a realistic budget that takes your goals into account. If you want to save money, focus on shopping with intent and purpose. Automate Your Savings. One of the easiest ways to build your savings account is to automate your savings.

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Our 2018 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

2 – Save $10k in a savings account, specifically earmarked for medical expenses. We blew through our health savings account, and now need to save another $10k so we’re not caught off guard if another emergency were to happen. 2 Additional Goals: If we save the $10k early, we’d like to work on the following 2 goals. Save for a camper upgrade. We’d like to start saving for it in 2018, if possible.