Freezer challenge | Why do I have four bags of bread?

The Frugal Girl

If you’re new here: since we’re all trying to minimize our grocery shopping, my readers and I are busy trying to take advantage of the food we’ve already got in our freezers. Banana bread. I thawed the banana bread and we just ate it as-is. Food Waste

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How to make berries, broccoli, and bananas last longer

The Frugal Girl

Since I’m always trying to reduce the food waste at my house, I tried out a couple of food storage methods and I’m here to report on how that went. Thank goodness there’s banana bread and banana muffins ! Food Waste

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I think my odds and ends are all gone!

The Frugal Girl

And what better way to do that than to eat the food I already have? I used 3/4 bags of bread to make Pioneer Woman’s French toast casserole. All that’s left is this bag of bread ends. aside from this bag of bread ends, obviously.). Food Waste

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Freezer Challenge update from me

The Frugal Girl

And here’s what I did with my food. Bread cubes = French toast casserole. It IS a very good way to use up dry bread, though! two partial banana bread loaves (we’ll thaw and snack on them). Food Waste

Freezer challenge, anyone?

The Frugal Girl

Almost all of us have a stash of random food hiding out in our freezers (doubly true for those of us with chest freezers!), This perfectly good food to freezer burn, uneaten. a pan of bread cubes (overnight French toast). partial loaves of banana bread. Food Waste

Q&A | share an embarrassing frugal habit!

The Frugal Girl

According to USA Today, as of early 2020, the average American carried over $6,000 of credit card debt! One thing that comes to mind is my willingness to work with food that others might throw away. And food waste is money waste!

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8 Menu Planning Tips

The Frugal Girl

For lunch, my husband takes leftovers to work, and the kids and I eat leftovers (if necessary) and also bread and yogurt and fruit. Using up the food I have is almost always the cheapest option, so I try to take a quick inventory to see what needs to be incorporated into the menu plan.