How to Avoid Food Waste Near-Misses

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Some of the most thrilling moments in my fight against food waste have come in the form of creative rescues. But honestly, the best (and less flashy) way of avoiding food waste doesn’t involve swooping in at the last moment with a dramatic save. Store food properly.

How to grocery shop less often: 10 tips

The Frugal Girl

I find it helpful to physically open the doors of my food cabinets and refrigerator and stare in them while I think about what I need to buy. A week is a manageable amount of time to consider your food use, and then you can just multiply that based on how long you want to stay out of a store.

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How to make berries, broccoli, and bananas last longer

The Frugal Girl

Since I’m always trying to reduce the food waste at my house, I tried out a couple of food storage methods and I’m here to report on how that went. Food WasteSome years ago, I wrote about how to make broccoli, strawberries, and bananas last longer.

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I think my odds and ends are all gone!

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And what better way to do that than to eat the food I already have? Food WasteI’ve been doing a freezer challenge for the last few weeks, mainly inspired by wanting to stay out of the grocery stores as much as possible.

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Freezer Challenge update from me

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And here’s what I did with my food. Food WasteI and lots of other Frugal Girl readers have been busy working on eating the odds and ends in our freezers.

Freezer challenge | Why do I have four bags of bread?

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If you’re new here: since we’re all trying to minimize our grocery shopping, my readers and I are busy trying to take advantage of the food we’ve already got in our freezers. Food Waste

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Freezer challenge, anyone?

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Almost all of us have a stash of random food hiding out in our freezers (doubly true for those of us with chest freezers!), This perfectly good food to freezer burn, uneaten. Are you going to work on eating up your frozen food with me this week? Food Waste

Worried about rising grocery prices? This can help.

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eat good food. Eat foods that are always relatively cheap. If food prices rise 5% across the board, that 5% increase will feel much worse on steak than on cornmeal. (In Stop wasting food. Most of us are throwing away a lot of food that could have been eaten.

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8 Menu Planning Tips

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Using up the food I have is almost always the cheapest option, so I try to take a quick inventory to see what needs to be incorporated into the menu plan. If I plan a menu: I don’t buy unnecessary food at the grocery store (less money spent, less food wasted).

Things You Can Freeze & More Great Tips!

For the Mommas

There are simple guidelines you can follow to help you reduce your food waste, make your money go further and keep food fresher longer. Foods you can freeze : Cooked pasta. Foods you shouldn’t freeze : Milk – it becomes lumpy once thawed (but this can be OK for cooking). Deep-fried food – after defrosting, the crispy coating will turn to mush. Things You Can Freeze & More Great Tips!

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