How to Avoid Food Waste Near-Misses

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Some of the most thrilling moments in my fight against food waste have come in the form of creative rescues. Turning squishy produce into a smoothie, dry takeout rice into pudding, or pureeing leftover veggies with leftover gravy to make soup…those are triumphant moments indeed.

Freezer challenge | Why do I have four bags of bread?

The Frugal Girl

If you’re new here: since we’re all trying to minimize our grocery shopping, my readers and I are busy trying to take advantage of the food we’ve already got in our freezers. Leftover rice. Food Waste

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8 Menu Planning Tips

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We generally have fend for yourself breakfasts, which require no planning (cereal, oatmeal, bagel, fruit, yogurt, leftover pancakes, etc.). For lunch, my husband takes leftovers to work, and the kids and I eat leftovers (if necessary) and also bread and yogurt and fruit.