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8 Menu Planning Tips

The Frugal Girl

Since most of us are trying not to go to the grocery store too much these days, I thought a republish of some menu planning tips could be helpful. I was going to title this, “How to plan a menu”, but there are probably a bazillion equally valid ways to go about this.

How to Avoid Food Waste Near-Misses

The Frugal Girl

Some of the most thrilling moments in my fight against food waste have come in the form of creative rescues. But honestly, the best (and less flashy) way of avoiding food waste doesn’t involve swooping in at the last moment with a dramatic save. Store food properly.

How to grocery shop less often: 10 tips

The Frugal Girl

It just requires a little adjustment in your planning and execution. I find it helpful to physically open the doors of my food cabinets and refrigerator and stare in them while I think about what I need to buy. 6) Plan on spending more than you are used to. Food Waste

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