What I Spent, What We Ate | January totals

The Frugal Girl

I’m ending this month with $689 in total spending, and I’d budgeted $750 because of it being a five week month. and Mr. FG and I went on a date. Pizza again, because we both wanted it and because it IS very good for keeping us on budget. What I Spent.

2020 206

WIS, WWA | I am complaining about the clouds

The Frugal Girl

Hello, frugal people! It’s been kind of dreary and rainy here, and I’m feeling a little bummed out from all the clouds. Zoe and I DID get to see our very plump friend at the cat rescue center, though, and she is kind of like sunshine. and I spent $99.50

2020 182

WIS, WWA | Mainly bowls!

The Frugal Girl

Since it’s new and in high demand, I figured I’d better dive in and quickly see if it’s a cookbook I want to own! I had a pretty disorganized week after that, requiring a bunch of small trips to the grocery store, and by the time the week ended, I was at $240.

2020 148