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8 Menu Planning Tips

The Frugal Girl

Since most of us are trying not to go to the grocery store too much these days, I thought a republish of some menu planning tips could be helpful. I was going to title this, “How to plan a menu”, but there are probably a bazillion equally valid ways to go about this.

WIS, WWA | Mainly bowls!

The Frugal Girl

Maybe a fend-for-yourself kind of night with the leftovers in the fridge. Grocery Reports Menu PlansWhat I Spent. I tried four recipes from the ATK Bowls cookbook that I patiently waited for at the library.

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Five Frugal Things | I taught Z some DIY

The Frugal Girl

I’d stored Zoe’s leftover wall paint in a glass jar, so it was super easy to get out for this job. made another two-week menu plan. Happy Tuesday! I usually publish FFT on Wednesdays, but I’m moving things around a little this week.

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How to Avoid Food Waste Near-Misses

The Frugal Girl

Turning squishy produce into a smoothie, dry takeout rice into pudding, or pureeing leftover veggies with leftover gravy to make soup…those are triumphant moments indeed. To this end, I find a menu plan to be super helpful. Don’t cook lots of bad leftovers.