WIS, WWA | I cracked because, toilet paper.

The Frugal Girl

Running low on toilet paper makes me nervous. And since that dish has veggies, protein, and starch all in one, that’s all I needed to make. When I make pull apart garlic bread, I always have an extra loaf’s worth of dough, so I bake a plain loaf. What I Spent.

2020 192

WIS, WWA | I ran out of milk.

The Frugal Girl

It was too hot to make pizza, so I made grilled meat and veggie kebabs and buttery bubble bread. I’d forgotten that the dough recipe doesn’t call for any milk, so I didn’t even have to sub anything to make this safe for Sonia. What I Spent.

2020 158

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Five Frugal Things | 50 pounds of flour!

The Frugal Girl

Weird how adding chocolate, sugar and flour makes these so much more delicious than plain bananas. So, it’s been sitting in the chest freezer, and this week it occurred to me that soupy jam might make a really good pancake topping. This is the flour I swear by for pizza dough.

2020 210

WIS, WWA | absolutely no grocery shopping!

The Frugal Girl

I think I’m going to make pizza again, as long as my housemates are agreeable. What I Spent. I am very pleased to say that I did not go to the grocery store at all this week!

What I Spent, What We Ate | No Aldi for me

The Frugal Girl

But the Aldi stores have a pretty small footprint, which makes it hard to stay away from people. I can make SO MANY PIZZAS now. Since I finally had some mozzarella, I made two pizzas, using this recipe. What I Spent. I did not bother going to Aldi this week.

2020 167

WIS, WWA | A week of meals with no shopping

The Frugal Girl

I got an email from Potbelly telling me that you can order sandwich makings for curbside pickup. So, I gave that a try and placed an order for six sub rolls and six servings of meat to make a Potbelly Wreck sandwich. I really would like to make pizza. What I Spent.

2020 168

What I Spent, What We Ate | I bought a zillion groceries

The Frugal Girl

And a two pound bag of yeast will make far more than $33 worth of bread, so that’s what I’m reminding myself of. So, we ordered pizza and wings! I was thinking about making pizza, but I realized I forgot to buy mozzarella cheese when I did my huge grocery shopping trip.

2020 178