5 reasons your homemade pizza is terrible (or meh)

The Frugal Girl

If you’ve tried making pizza at home, odds are good that you’ve turned out some pretty mediocre pies. Not disgusting pizza…just very meh pizza. I spent years making unremarkable pizza myself, despite having a pizza stone.

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WIS, WWA | I ran out of milk.

The Frugal Girl

It was too hot to make pizza, so I made grilled meat and veggie kebabs and buttery bubble bread. I’d forgotten that the dough recipe doesn’t call for any milk, so I didn’t even have to sub anything to make this safe for Sonia. What I Spent.

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A super simple no-cook pizza sauce

The Frugal Girl

I’ve been using this sauce every time I make pizza lately, but I haven’t ever put the recipe in a blog post. And I figured the recipe needed a place to live here on the blog so I can link to it from my pizza post. it gives the pizza a really fresh flavor.

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