How We Frugal-ed through April 2020

Family Balance Sheet

April 2020 might go down as the most frugal month of my lifetime. I’ll grill them for our Salad Bar nights and also make my Crispy Parmesan Chicken Tenders. My husband and I LOVE unsweetened iced tea, so instead of spending $3 for a gallon, I make my own with 8 green tea bags and 2 flavored Celestial Tea bags. The post How We Frugal-ed through April 2020 appeared first on Family Balance Sheet.

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How We Frugal-ed in February 2020

Family Balance Sheet

This is how we like our iced tea, so if you decide to make your own version, you may want more or less tea bags/sugar. When on sale, it costs me about 50 cents to make a pitcher of iced tea vs. at least $2.50 I’m going to see how much I can find in 2020. The post How We Frugal-ed in February 2020 appeared first on Family Balance Sheet. Frugal living is NOT about feeling deprived.

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 – Oct. 13th and Oct 14th Mark Your Calendars!

For the Mommas

Amazon Prime Day 2020 – Oct. And if you are already a member, make sure your membership is up to date because Amazon Prime Day is HERE. Amazon has announced Amazon Prime Day 2020 on Oct 13th and Oct 14th. Continue reading Amazon Prime Day 2020 – Oct.

2020 61

My 2020 Financial Goals & A Recap of 2019

Family Balance Sheet

The last loan was his student loan and I wanted him to make that final payment. This will always be a work in progress and you’ll understand why it will be more crucial for me when you read my 2020 goals below! Moving on to 2020! Bring it, 2020!

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8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Make 2020 Awesome

Couponing 101

New Year’s resolutions are so common that we’re sure you know at least a few people who are preparing to fulfill their goals for 2020. Learning something new can give you a sense of achievement and make you feel empowered. Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet?

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2020 Entertainment Coupon Books $12.00 Shipped

For the Mommas

2020 Entertainment Coupon Books $12.00 Pa: $24.00 + free shipping – makes it only $12.00 Continue reading 2020 Entertainment Coupon Books $12.00 Shipped. Enjoy another great year of more savings on restaurants, shopping, services, hotels, travel and more! All Entertainment Coupon Books for $14. Plus, get an extra 15% off 2 or more Books. Use code: LEAP at! Buy 2 books Entertainment Coupon Books. Use promo code LEAP for 15% off.

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6 Free Online Summer Camps for Kids (2020)

Couponing 101

Lessons are broken down into clips to make them easier to digest. The post 6 Free Online Summer Camps for Kids (2020) appeared first on Couponing 101. A lot of summer camps have been canceled in light of COVID-19. Even if your child’s favorite summer camp is running, you might not be comfortable sending them this year. But keeping kids engaged for the duration of the summer is a herculean task, and there’s no shame in seeking outside help.

2020 52

10 things you’ve got wrong about homeschooling

The Frugal Girl

And sometimes, you can just make do with household items since you have a small class. You can’t make your kids love learning/have a good attitude. No parent is able to make a kid like every subject every day of the school year.

2020 254

How to Get Free Tickets for Museum Day (2020)

Couponing 101

This day of family fun and learning is all thanks to Smithsonian Magazine , the organization that makes this day possible. The post How to Get Free Tickets for Museum Day (2020) appeared first on Couponing 101. Museums aren’t just for family vacations and school field trips. A day at the museum can be a fun-filled, educational experience for the whole family, and chances are you’ve got great museums right in your town.

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Five Frugal Things | Converse, notebooks and more

The Frugal Girl

TurboTax calculated some very enormous estimated tax payments for me to make in 2020 and oof, it has been painful. This is the third out of four, though, and now I don’t have to make another payment until January of 2021. And then it’s time to make applesauce!

Thankful Thursday | I have a college account now!

The Frugal Girl

Lots of nice people helped me out yesterday, and my community college account has now been brought up to 2020. I also keep thinking that whatever companies make those huge white tents must be thriving right now. Make a list in the comments and cheer yourself up. New here?

Ultimate List of Mix Recipes

Stockpiling Moms

Being gluten-free means I have to make a lot of things from scratch. Today I am sharing my Ultimate List of Mix Recipes. Included in this list are mixes for seasonings. It is shocking how many. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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It’s called a thankfulness exercise for a reason

The Frugal Girl

It takes effort to make any forward progress. If you stop putting in effort, you will make backward progress. And that means you can make more progress with less exhaustion. Make a list in a notebook every morning or every night.

10 Things I Love Doing On Every Trip

Shereen Travels Cheap

There are 10 things I like to do to make my trips awesome, and we tend to do these almost every time we travel anywhere, because they are great ways to learn about your destination. I like to make one full complete loop on the bus to see everything, and then get off and see things after that.

2020 161

Thankful Thursday | from a cranky me

The Frugal Girl

I do feel a little bit more cheerful after making my list. New here? Thankful Thursday is something we’ve been doing in these COVID times; an exercise to help us hunt for the good that is in our lives and in the world, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Thankful Thursday |

The Frugal Girl

The other day, I needed to make chimichurri sauce, and I didn’t even have to go buy any herbs to do so. I’m scooting over to make room for you because when we are discouraged or down, that’s exactly when we need to be gratitude hunting. Make a list with me.

Four things that are saving my life right now

The Frugal Girl

They’re not meant literally, of course…they’re just lists of things that are making her life better right now. That app can make me waste a lot of time, especially if I click over to the explore page.

2020 185

Five Frugal Things | science experiment bread

The Frugal Girl

Zoe’s biology teacher assigned a yeast-growing experiment, so after Zoe was done, I used the yeast to make two loaves of bread. And I used the loaves to make panini for dinner on Sunday night, so that’s something. I made bread after a science experiment.

2020 177

Five Frugal Things | I sold Zoe’s nightstand

The Frugal Girl

And the nightstand is making another teenage girl very happy, so that’s worth something too. It’s a nightstand-heavy week around here. I sold Zoe’s Ethan Allen nightstand. “But you just painted that!”, ”, you might be thinking. And you’re right.

2020 130

Planning Your Oktoberfest Trip

Shereen Travels Cheap

Here are some of the things you should look for if you go (or to make/order if doing an at-home celebration this year): Brezen - otherwise known as a pretzel, you can find these in every size wherever you look. This makes it easier to budget.

2020 148

Thankful Thursday | I have a handmade quilt!

The Frugal Girl

I don’t like to make people scared, especially cute three year olds. New here? Thankful Thursday is something we’ve been doing in these COVID times; an exercise to help us hunt for the good that is in our lives and in the world, even in the midst of a pandemic. Hey there, friends!

Macy’s Code – Up to Extra 30% Off

Coupon Dad

You’ll need some cookware to make a delicious meal. It has everything you need to make the perfect meal. Good through October 6, 2020. Macy’s Coupon – Score 13 Piece Cookware Set Only $44.99 Shipped. Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

2020 58

Enriching Education: Bookworms, Rejoice! Summer Reading by the Numbers & Tips to Inspire Kids to Read More

Motherhood Moments

students conducted by the online learning community Brainly , 74% of students nationwide said they read more unassigned books during the 2020 summer vacation than they did last year. Make a themed reading nook. Work with your child to make it an area where they’d want to hang out, which makes reading time even more special and appealing. With a summer overshadowed by social distancing and closed summer camps, many U.S. kids spent more time reading books for pleasure.

2020 100

Five Frugal Things | electric savings, meat markdowns, & more

The Frugal Girl

Make an account here. ). I switched our electric service to a lower rate. I got a renewal letter, checked the rate, and discovered it wasn’t actually lower than my default company’s rate.

2020 202

Book Nook: What is Beautiful?

Motherhood Moments

She’s wife to Jacob and mama to Margo Moon, and her “why” in life is knowing God and making Him known, walking through days with her palms up and heart open. I recently had a chance to review What is Beautiful?

2020 130

How is CBD Oil Made? The Technology Behind It

Motherhood Moments

CBD has been making waves in the health industry for the past few years. Source What is CBD? It has made its rounds in the medical field and, based on numerous research, actually contains properties that help in the treatment of some conditions.

2020 130

Q&A | Kids, Marriage, and Money

The Frugal Girl

This is good news for people with small children because little kids make it hard to do getaways! It’s not that we can’t afford to buy those things for them; it’s that giving them financial responsibility: makes them realize the value of a dollar.

2020 194

Healthy Habits: Treating Thrush in Babies

Motherhood Moments

Natural yogurt is chock-full of probiotics , making it another easy home remedy that can effectively stop the thrush from spreading. As new parents, it’s natural to need some help along the way, no matter how much preparation you’ve done.

2020 130

Thrifty Thinking: Parents Must Use This Extra Time and Teach Their Kids How Money Works

Motherhood Moments

They aren’t shown critical money concepts like how to make their money grow, how to avoid debt and how to become financially stable adults. Parents, remember this: all debt starts out small, and before you know it, once you add on interest and just getting by making the minimum payments, you have quickly dug yourself a really deep financial grave. Teach your kids how to make their money work for them.

Blackened Shrimp with Cheesy Grits

The Frugal Girl

I’ve linked to it a few times in my menu plan, but since I don’t make it quite exactly like the original I always feel the need to add some parenthetical comments. I don’t have step by step photos or anything, but I do have a printable recipe for you, just the way I make it.

2020 169

How to Save Electricity While You’re Working at Home

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

If you make a habit out of removing temptations, you’ll spend less time working and expend less on work-related expenses. Working in natural light also naturally lifts up your mood and boosts your alertness, making you feel good while working. However, make sure they’re a trusted local electrician because if you don’t screen them accordingly, you could run the risk of being upsold unnecessary services by a dodgy company. Make sure to research your countries guidelines.

WIS, WWA | I one-upped myself, fashion-wise

The Frugal Girl

I plan to make a main dish salad with scallops from Aldi, using a recipe from Dinner Illustrated. And I will probably make some kind of fresh bread to go with the salad after I poll my housemates for their preferences. What I Spent.

2020 182

WIS, WWA | In which I burn a sandwich

The Frugal Girl

See, I CAN make a sandwich that is not burnt: This meal used up the odds and ends of lunch meat in the fridge, so I was pleased about that. I always make Sonia’s sandwich without cheese, which works fine as long as I use mayo inside the sandwich. Since I always have an extra pound of bread dough when I make that recipe (my dough recipe makes two loaves), I make one into garlic pull-apart bread and the other into cinnamon swirl bread. What I Spent.

2020 143

Movie Minute: Pizza, A Love Story

Motherhood Moments

Pizza, A Love Story , filmmaker Gorman Bechard's 11 years-in-the-making homage to the world famous pizzerias Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana, Sally's Apizza, and Modern Apizza, is set for release on DVD and Video-On-Demand on September 29, 2020.

2020 109

Five Frugal Things | It never hurts to ask!

The Frugal Girl

always let the other person make the offer first. Also, a date night in your car does make for a quiet atmosphere. But when things like my contact solution or dishwasher detergent go on sale, I try to make a point of buying a few extra to hold me over until they go on sale again.

2020 193

Stuffed Artichoke Casserole Recipe! {So Easy}

The Frugal Girls

Take advantage of some brilliant shortcuts when you make this decadent Stuffed Artichoke Casserole Recipe for dinner this week! There will be no fuss with stuffing this artichoke!

2020 81

Book Nook: Adventures of the Sensokids

Motherhood Moments

The Sensokids are what make us different, connecting therapy with animation! Aventures of the Sensokids was written by Pediatric Occupational Therapist and owner of OT Studios, Inc in Los Angeles, Dr. Reema Naim OTD, OTR/L discusses the book here.

2020 141

WIS, WWA | Plus Sonia & Kitten Photos

The Frugal Girl

Since it’s not blazing hot anymore, I think I’ll make pizza for the first time in a long while. Here’s how I make my pizza. What I Spent. First, would you like to see a few kitten pictures?

2020 166

Owning a cat: An honest review

The Frugal Girl

She makes my girls very happy. She makes us laugh. She does funny things like making chirping sounds at birds, running around scared at nothing, batting at bookmark ribbons, and licking drink condensation.

2020 144

WIS, WWA | a lot of Dinner Illustrated

The Frugal Girl

I made quesadillas with a corn/lime filling (recipe from Dinner Illustrated ), and I tried making one for Sonia with the Violife cheddar cheese, which worked out pretty well. Then I can make a full week of it!

2020 178

Fun Freetime - DC’s Stargirl: The Complete First Season

Motherhood Moments

Get ready for nonstop action with the release of DC’s Stargirl: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray and DVD on September 29, 2020 from Warner Bros. In only its first season, the critically acclaimed series continues to gain momentum, and we are eager to make this outstanding series available on all formats – Digital, Blu-ray and DVD – for fans and newcomers to enjoy.” It’s time for a new generation of justice!

DC 109

WIS, WWA | Also, I wore polka dots

The Frugal Girl

My aunt is one of those people who is so comfortable in the kitchen that she can put a multi-item meal on the table while making it seem completely effortless. I blend my chipotles up and store them in the fridge , and that makes it very easy to mix up chipotle mayo whenever I need it.

2020 179

Music Minute: Ladies of the 80s 11/14 in Houston TX

Motherhood Moments

Ladies of the 80s,’ allowed fans to relive simpler times and was designed with strict but easily adhered safety precautions, making future events possible in a similar fashion. The next 'Ladies Of The '80s' event is set for Houston, Texas on November 14, 2020. PAA can help make your corporate entertainment the talk of the meetings. PAA will liaise with your internal team or produce the event for you to make sure all goes fabulously.