How to Successfully Work from Home with Kids

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Since social distancing is critical for halting the spread of the coronavirus, some businesses now allow their employees to work from home. Many people dream of working from home. Just try to see how much work you can finish before your break time!

Things I’ve learned during quarantine

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I like having a two week plan of meals to choose from. Staying home makes some parts of my life easier. get regular workouts in (no appointments in the morning, so I can work out right away). It takes me a long time to get bored at home.

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Money Makers: 4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Home-based Job

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CDC and WHO recommended everyone to socially distance themselves and stay at home. But, that’s not the case with online and home-based jobs. There are many opportunities for home-based jobs in the market today. Here is a list of why you should get a home-based job: 1.

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6 non-grocery-store food ideas for you

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Schools are closed, events are cancelled, people are working from home, and, uh, the grocery stores are kind of nuts. Plus, when you buy from Hungry Harvest, you are helping farmers to earn money from produce that may otherwise have gone to waste.

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WIS, WWA | Week one of quarantine!

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No homeschool tutorial, our appointments are all cancelled, and Mr. FG has now begun working from home. I picked chicken katsu from Dinner Illustrated , since I happened to have everything on hand. It’s been a weird week.

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How I’m Managing our Family Budget during the Pandemic

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The PA governor has shut down all non-essential businesses indefinitely and we’ve now been ordered to stay at home unless traveling to essential jobs, needed supplies, or outdoor exercise as long as we practice social distancing. Are you working from home?

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Pet Pointers: Your Pets Are Stressed, Too

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Dr. Niwako Ogata, an associate professor of veterinary behavior medicine in Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine , says pets could be feeling secondhand anxiety from their owners who are coping with lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic. People’s disruption in routines and more time at home can also induce anxiety in animals, especially if they have underlying anxiety issues. “It’s But as people start returning to work, Ogata says pets might have a hard time coping.

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Soul Sustenance: Overcoming the Stress of COVID

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From having to work from home, help the kids with schoolwork and entertain them, and not really getting much of a break or social time of their own, the stress can quickly add up. He offers this advice: - Take a break : Just like when you worked in an office you would take breaks throughout the day, you must do the same when you are constantly with your kids and family. This material comes from Motherhood Moment.

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6 Free Job Sites to Check Out if You’re Looking for Work

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If you’re out of work due to COVID-19, you aren’t alone. But thankfully, you don’t have to fork over your hard-earned money to find work. You can even filter your results so you only see options that are home-based for the time being.

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How to Prepare For a Coronavirus Outbreak

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If you are sick, stay home. Some regions suffering from large-scale coronavirus outbreaks have been implementing quarantines. In case there is a quarantine in your community or you choose to stay home due to fears of catching the virus, you may wish to have extra food in your house.

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10 Ways to Earn Money If You’ve Been Laid Off Due to COVID-19

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Even if you haven’t suffered from the virus, you’re probably suffering in other ways. Some of these options are in-person work, so if you are a high-risk individual, you may want to consult with your doctor before taking a position. Work at a Grocery Store.

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Space-Saving Furniture For Small Spaces

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Your home serves so many purposes. It may even be where you work. Space-saving furniture can transform your home and make the space you have more functional. Lofts raise the bed, freeing up space underneath for living, working, or storage space.

15 Free Homeschool Resources for Parents

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But if your child ordinarily attends school in person, all of your coronavirus prep may not have prepared you for the reality of helping your kids learn from home. This may be especially true if you are simultaneously trying to adjust to working from home.

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