Investment Methods

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When I retired, I used this method to re-invest the proceeds from my company 401K (that I had rolled into an IRA). It caught me by surprise that the stocks/mutual funds in which I invested while in the 401K could not be transferred in kind to my IRA. Instead, they had to be sold within the 401K and the proceeds reinvested in the IRA. I’m always on the look out for investment books I haven’t yet read. I pick up a lot of them at garage sales for 25 cents to a $1.

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What Makes a Saver?

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A smile or a word from a parent or teacher, seeing someone enjoying their savings, a chance combination of a happy conversation, a sun shiny day and an increased amount in the piggy bank – all may result in one child’s brain being wired towards the pleasure of saving. I also saved – maxing out 401K contributions to build up the retirement funds. If we truly be either saver or spender, what makes us one or the other?

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Seniors – Keep Your Allocations

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Examples of financial advisor suggestions that would have steered my family wrong: An estate trustee at a bank recommended selling off Chevron stock that my Aunt owned “because it is too risky”. Vanguard’s Personal Financial Planner thought I should change invest all my retirement money in bonds when I moved it from my 401K to an IRA. Many, if not most, financial institutions, advisers, and planners recommend very conservative strategies for those nearing or in retirement.

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How Long Should You Keep Financial Documents

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Bank Statements - One nice thing (among many) about the electronic age is that banks keep statements online up to a couple of years. Our personal bank has statements online all the way back to 2006. Keep the quarterly statements for your 401k or other IRA accounts until you receive the annual statement. Are your financial documents piled up in the corner of your office or under your desk?

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Should You Invest In A Rising Market?

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Unfortunately, to move them, I had to cash some the investments out in the 401K, leaving me with quite a few funds to get back into the market. Ever since we stumbled past the Fiscal Cliff and the budget crisis, the stock market has been rising like a hot air balloon in an updraft (at least as of the time this post was written at the end of March 2013).

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P.E.P. for the Week of January 24-28, 2010- Adjustment Edition

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Moolanomy tells us how we can reach our savings goals by using virtual bank accounts. Personal Finance by the Book askes if we should borrow from our 401K? As some of you know, one of my goals for 2011 is to become a certified fitness professional. In order to do this I need to take a few courses at our local university. Well, I signed up for 2 of the 3 I need to complete which are to take place this weekend and one other weekend in February. The goal was to be certified by summer.

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Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

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Crystal from Stupid Cents talks 401k Allocation and where to put your money. Glen Craig from Free From Broke asks Are Banks Ratcheting Up Their Profiling Efforts? , “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.&#. Hello and welcome to the 316th Carnival of Personal Finance- Family Edition. This week I am reminding you all about those special people in your life- your family.

Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #231

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Anisha Sekar presents Data Breaches and Identity Theft: How Much You Could Lose posted at NerdWallet , saying, “Thankfully, in the case of a data breach like Global Payments, your bank or credit union will shoulder most of the burden of keeping you safe, letting you know if your account is compromised and issuing a new card if necessary. Welcome to the April 6, 2012 Edition #231 of the Carnival of Financial Planning.

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Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #241 – June 15, 2012

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Without insurance, this could literally break the bank for many people. Welcome to the June 15, 2012 Edition #241 of the Carnival of Financial Planning. This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently. Enjoy! The Skilled Investor , Editor Budgeting and Economics Paul Vachon presents Frugal Living Made Easy posted at The Frugal Toad , saying, “Frugal living is all about making informed and deliberate choices in how to spend money.

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