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When I retired, I used this method to re-invest the proceeds from my company 401K (that I had rolled into an IRA). It caught me by surprise that the stocks/mutual funds in which I invested while in the 401K could not be transferred in kind to my IRA. Instead, they had to be sold within the 401K and the proceeds reinvested in the IRA. Although we tried diligently to follow this at one point in our lives, we found it a bit too time consuming to really follow it long term.

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Saving Tips & Free Crediting Monitoring

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Nearly 46% of consumers say they typically consider making a financial resolution – up 31% since the first year of the survey in 2009. Adrian Nazari, CEO and founder of , is available to talk about how consumers can start 2013 on the right financial foot, as well as discuss the top 3 financial resolutions and what consumers can do to address them including: Saving More. Have more money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and put in your 401k.

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Yakezie Carnival October 16, 2011- Growth Edition

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20′s Finances: Hiring a Property Manager: What it Offers You Real Estate Investments can be time consuming. Stock Market Basics: How Does 401k work Understanding 401k is a must to help you save money for retirement purposes plus it also helps you save taxes and get more cash in your hands. Financially Consumed: Kickstart Your Own Business Today The three biggest barriers between you and launching your own business are money, confidence, and time.

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Should You Invest In A Rising Market?

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Unfortunately, to move them, I had to cash some the investments out in the 401K, leaving me with quite a few funds to get back into the market. He points out that Europe hasn’t been fixed, that Germany is entering a recession and that the US consumer and businesses are not yet ready to go on a spending spree, indicating that the economy isn’t as strong as others might believe.

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Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

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Crystal from Stupid Cents talks 401k Allocation and where to put your money. Junior Boomer from Consumer Boomer asks Is It Better To Save Or Repay Debt? Hello and welcome to the 316th Carnival of Personal Finance- Family Edition. This week I am reminding you all about those special people in your life- your family. This past weekend I headed out west with my husband, brother, and his girlfriend to help my parents move into their new house.

4 Financial Lessons Your Parents Forgot to Teach You

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This is especially important if you get a 401K match from your employer, as that’s free money. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion. Your parents did a great job at keeping you fed, clothed, sheltered, and teaching right from wrong. Unfortunately, navigating the financial world wasn’t on their list of life lessons to impart, leaving you to figure it out by yourself once you’re out on your own.

Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #231

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Colin Williams presents FOFA What Australian Consumers Of Financial Advice Need To Know posted at humble savers , saying, “Australian legislation ‘Future of Financial Advice’ (FOFA) has created large divisions in the financial community but what does it mean for the consumer? Theres a reason why the average American consumer has a total of 13 credit obligations on record at a credit bureau.

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