Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Philip from Deliver Away Debt shares his story: How I Delivered Away My Debt. Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured tells her story about giving Self Serving Donations. mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter asks Are you contributing to this debt clock? and says, “The big debt clock is over $14 trillion now, but this other one is approaching $1 trillion, and may affect you more directly.&#.

Totally Money Blog Carnival #18 – 6 Ways to Save Money Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

In fact, my husband and I just revamped our budget so that we can donate to charities even more each month. Ramsay presents Borrowing From Your 401k. Among the many benefits afforded to many 401k participants is the ability to borrow funds from the account for personal purposes. I did this yeas ago when I was in debt and it made paying off the debt a reality. Tax Debt Help presents Savers Tax Credit: Get Rewarded for Retirement.

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Saving Tips & Free Crediting Monitoring

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Saving more (52%), spending less (19%) and paying off debt (19%). Have more money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and put in your 401k. If you achieve it, nothing happens, but if you don’t achieve it, the site will charge your credit card and donate money to a charity whose cause you hate. One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to spend less is by re-evaluating your debt and improving your credit score. Paying Off Debt.