Frugal Shopping With Julie

How To Plan a Stress-Free Wedding

Frugal Shopping With Julie

Your wedding day is likely going to be one of the most wonderful, special days of your entire life. You’re marrying your best friend, and you get to spend time with all of the people closest to you. However, no matter how magical the day is, it doesn’t come without its own stressors. Wedding planners in California cost an average of $10,000, and that might not be in the budget.

Best Turkey Leftovers Recipes

Stockpiling Moms

We have the Best Turkey Leftovers Recipes. Need some recipe ideas to help with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving??? Well here are some recipes we love to make after the holiday with turkey leftovers. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].


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Christmas Brunch Punch

Stockpiling Moms

I have been making this Christmas Brunch Punch for years. My family loves it and it has become a Christmas morning tradition at our house. With only 4 ingredients in this delicious punch you can't go. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Stockpiling Moms

Check out these Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments that we have posted at Stockpiling Moms. If you are looking for affordable and creative ideas to make with the kids we have you covered! Best of all. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Five Frugal Things

The Frugal Girl

Howdy guys! It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: a fresh Five Frugal Things list. I got some Safeway app deals. I installed the Safeway app for the first time, and they gave me some first-time user offers.

Frugal 162

Meet a Reader | Julie, from Colorado

The Frugal Girl

After Julie saw that last week’s interview with Dorinda was the last one in my queue, she wrote to say she’d love to participate. So, funny enough, we are meeting two Colorado readers in a row! Tell us a little about yourself.

WIS, WWA | Black Friday edition

The Frugal Girl

As usual, I am happily spending my Black Friday at my house and not at the stores. It’s not a moral high-ground thing for me…I just don’t enjoy Black Friday shopping ( here’s why ).

Pack Light for Winter Travel

Shereen Travels Cheap

Packing even for a beach trip in just a carry-on can be a little tricky if you aren’t used to packing light. Carry-on travel has become more and more popular as baggage fees have become the norm among most airlines.

Travel 168

Q&A | How do you stay patient?

The Frugal Girl

Reader Karen messaged me on Instagram with this question: How do you muster up patience and faith that things will work out, such as when your child is hunting for their first job?

Son 144

Five Frugal Things | Thanks, past Kristen!

The Frugal Girl

I stored my black nylons in a Ziploc bag. Mr. FG and I had a funeral to go to on Saturday ( I wrote a little about it here, on my other blog ), so I was looking for some legwear to go with my black dress.

5 Budget Winter Destinations

Shereen Travels Cheap

It's not even winter yet, but I can feel the winter blahs coming. The cold, rainy weather has arrived in Portland and I'm already over wearing a coat, considering it's usually windy as well, so your hood doesn't even stay up well.

Meet a Colorado Reader | Dorinda

The Frugal Girl

Dorinda is a girl after my own heart…she sent lots of photos in with her interview answers. I love it! Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Dorinda. I grew up on a wheat and beef farm in Kansas, spent seven years in north Dallas, and now reside in Colorado with my husband Greg (Mr.

My medical memoir list + tiny reviews

The Frugal Girl

As you probably already know, I have been on a serious medical memoir/medical non-fiction bender since early 2021. I adore memoirs, and I am interested in medical topics, so the combo of these two things? PERFECT. <chef’s

Thankful Thursday | I come by this honestly

The Frugal Girl

This week, I’m thankful: for potholders from my aunt. My aunt has been busy using up fabric scraps by making potholders, and she’s sent some along with Lisey the last few times she’s come home to visit.

WIS, WWA | A less receipt-ful week

The Frugal Girl

What I Spent. Well, I have a simpler report than last week (admittedly, that’s a low standard. I had so many receipts last week! ). This week, I spent: $24 at Giant. $64 64 at Weis. $20 20 at Target. $18 18 on fast food (see Wednesday night). $6 6 at Safeway. November Grocery Spending.

Thankful Thursday | with sequins

The Frugal Girl

This week, I’m thankful: for the sequinned notebook that Lisey got me. She was ordering one for herself (to take to aviation mechanic classes. As one does.) and she added one to the cart for me. So now I proudly take it to my A&P classes. ??. that I can do anatomy and physiology in person.

Hyperemesis | Advice for pregnant women and those who love them

The Frugal Girl

Every now and then, I mention my rough pregnancies in passing, and usually when I do, readers have some questions about hyperemesis (which is extended and extra-terrible morning sickness). The full name is hyperemesis gravidarum, often abbreviated HG.

Women 179

5 recent purchases that I love

The Frugal Girl

As a frugal blogger, I tend to write about how I avoid buying things. But I do think that there are legitimate reasons to purchase things. I think that if a purchase is useful or particularly joy-inducing, that’s a good reason to drop a few dollars.

Bank 201

Where I found money in February

Family Balance Sheet

Finding extra money has become a game for me. Over the years, I have found money through rebates, refunds, online sales, and even the ground. Yep, I found a $20 bill on a morning run at the beach! I have used the extra money to pay off debt, fund family trips, or build up our Christmas savings.

Four Frugal Things (and a fail!)

The Frugal Girl

I submitted an $80 contact lens rebate. This is always an annoying process since you have to upload photos of your receipt + all the UPCs from each box. But for $80, I’m willing to spend a few minutes.

Frugal 168

My neighborhood: good or bad?

The Frugal Girl

Today, I’m going to start out by telling you all the lovely things about my neighborhood. The neighborhood I live in borders a river. This land was originally home to summer cottages, and now it’s an eclectic mix of smaller houses with lots of newer, beautiful homes on the waterfront.

WIS, WWA | Do you think we’ve over-complicated dinner?

The Frugal Girl

In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Little House in the Big Woods, she describes a visit to her grandparents’ house, where she and her family share a meal with the grandparents plus some uncles and aunts.

Dinner 173

Five Frugal Things | an uninspired edition

The Frugal Girl

Some weeks, I have a running list of interesting frugal things I’ve done (such as trash-picking a cool glass vase ). On such weeks, I have lots to choose from when I sit down to write this post. But this week, I don’t think I have done any particularly interesting frugal things.

Frugal 176

Book Nook: Shh.Baby Jesus is Sleeping

Motherhood Moments

With sweet rhymes and repetition to ease little ones into a comforting nighttime routine, Lisa Tawn Bergren pens a delightful new children’s book, Shh…Baby Jesus Is Sleeping. I had a chance to review this book, which is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and lyrical, calming bedtime text.

Music Minute: Blue Mountain Christmas

Motherhood Moments

Blueridge Mountain Bluegrass Band Blue Mountain Christmas is today on all digital music platforms by Country Rewind Records , who’s well-known tradition of bringing unreleased traditional country music into the contemporary country era has proven successful with previous projects, has released the project in time for the holiday season.

Music 130

Fun Freetime: AppleTV+ Holiday Premiers

Motherhood Moments

Pet Pointers: Kids and Dogs

Motherhood Moments

I had a chance to interview Elissa Weimer about determining when your child is ready to add a dog to the family? Dogs are the most popular family pet in the United States but not every parent knows what to expect when a new dog is brought into the house.

Pets 130

Amazing Art: Winter Art Boxes for Kids

Motherhood Moments

Art Classes for Kids introduces the WINTER ART BOX , each offering all the supplies needed to create three cool art projects, along with exclusive video tutorials.

Art 130

Consumer Critique: Buddy Biscuits Grain-Free Oven baked Treats with Peanut Butter

Motherhood Moments

My dog goes bonkers for peanut butter. So we were excited to try out Buddy Biscuits Grain-Free Oven baked Treats with Peanut Butter. While these are suitable for dogs on grain free diets, that isn't something we worry about.

My thoughts on LuLaRich (and MLMs as a whole)

The Frugal Girl

Recently, Mr. FG and I, along with much of America (!) watched Amazon’s LuLaRich documentary. And after I watched it, I got the itch to talk about it with other people, kind of like you would at a book club. (I I get that itch to discuss whenever I read a good book too.

Meet a Reader | Texas Rachel

The Frugal Girl

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re meeting Rachel. She’s been reading here since 2009, but she’s actually never left a comment. She’s making up for it today, though!

Texas 187

Giant: FREE Pringles Scorchin’ Crisps Starting 12/3! {Rebate}

For the Mommas

Giant: FREE Pringles Scorchin’ Crisps Starting 12/3! Rebate}. Check out this freebie deal on Pringles Scorchin’ Crisps at Giant. Starting 12/3, Giant shoppers can score Pringles Scorchin’ Crisps absolutely FREE without using any coupons.

Q&A | Do I regret my life path? Would I choose it again?

The Frugal Girl

A letter from a reader: Maybe this is too personal of a topic for you to address in your blog but I’m curious about your thoughts on what is preferable: Having a family before receiving an education/degree as you did. Focusing on education/degree prior to embarking on marriage/family.

Musi Minute: Santa Claus is Lookin' for Love

Motherhood Moments

Urban Cowboy singer Johnny Lee is ready for the holiday season with his Christmas album, 'Santa Claus Is Lookin’ For Love.' Physical copies are also available at

Texas 130

Money Makers: Tips for Entrepreneurs Starting Their Own Path

Motherhood Moments

Olivia Starling , founder and CEO of jewelry brand Starlette Galleria , has created a multiple six figure business and lists her top tips for young, aspiring entrepreneurs to create the lifestyle that they want to have. “

Money 130

Book Nook: Christmas Books from Bushel & Peck

Motherhood Moments

Favorite Poems for Christmas: A Child's Collection Light the yule log, simmer the cider, and listen to the enchanting rhythms of Favorite Poems for Christmas.

Book Nook: November Releases from FirstWords

Motherhood Moments

ALL THINGS LOVELY by Jenn Johnson Take the first steps to living a healthier and happier life and discover the spiritual importance of acceptance, gathering, and community.

ShopRite Weekly Ad Preview For 12/5/21 Thru 12/11/21 Is Here!

For the Mommas

ShopRite Weekly Ad Preview. Early ShopRite Weekly Ads Preview. Your NEW ShopRite Weekly Ad Preview Scan for the sales running 12/5/21 Thru 12/11/21. Preview the Early ShopRite Ad Scan Preview For 12/5/21 – 12/11/21 HERE. Check out the Current ShopRite Ad Scan for 11/28/21 –12/4/21 HERE.

May 83

Meet A Curious Reader from Hong Kong

The Frugal Girl

Today’s interviewee goes by “A Curious Reader” in the comment section, and she asked if she could keep that moniker for her post. And of course, I said yes, because everyone who participates in this series has their own internet privacy comfort level, and I want to respect that.

Thankful Thursday | I feel rich! (in data)

The Frugal Girl

This week, I am thankful: for Mint Mobile. I am seriously reveling in having so much cellular data available each month. I feel positively rich in data! Even though it feels to me like I am using SO MUCH DATA, I am barely scratching the surface of the 4 gigs I get each month.

Five Frugal Things | I went to Goodwill!

The Frugal Girl

I haven’t been to Goodwill in such a long time, but Zoe and her friend wanted to go thrifting, and neither of them can drive yet. So, that meant I went thrifting too! Thus, most of my Five Frugal Things this week will be Goodwill-related. I found some lidless Pyrex containers.

Frugal 181

Five Frugal Things | Does this make sense? No.

The Frugal Girl

We’re kicking off this week’s round of Five Frugal Things with me doing something not-so-sensible: 1. I bought some boxes of bruised apples. Does it make sense to buy apples for homemade applesauce when I am currently having trouble cooking dinner ? Did I do it anyway? Do I regret it?

Frugal 186

Meet a Reader | Susannah

The Frugal Girl

Susannah first volunteered for this series in March, but it took her a while to send her answers and photos back because…she got a puppy! And as it turns out, puppies are indeed a lot of work. ??. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Susannah.