Motherhood Moments

Shopping Savings: The Best Summer Games Freebies and Deals

Motherhood Moments

By: Shannon Dwyer from The Real Deal Auntie Anne’s In celebration of the upcoming Summer Games, Auntie Anne’s has teamed up with Coca-Cola and Soccer Star Abby Dahlkemper to create the ultimate (and most delicious) fan bundle: “Coca-Cola’s Olympic Games Snack Pack, Powered by Abby Dahlkemper.”

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Shopping Savings: Olympic Games Freebies and Deals

Motherhood Moments

When the Olympic Games kick off the stadiums won’t be open for fans, but you can still watch those amazing athletes go for the gold special.


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Consumer Critique: KeaBabies Organic Bamboo Hooded Towel and Sweet Treats Collection

Motherhood Moments

My brother recently had a new baby, so I'm so excited to be able to finally see her this summer! And I'll be bringing along some great gifts I recently got to review from KeaBabies. They have an adorable macaron stroller cover , as well as some fun food-themed burp cloths and bandana bibs.

Parenting Pointers: Preparing your Kids and Home for your Nanny’s Arrival

Motherhood Moments

More than 200,000 people in the U.S. work as nannies. These professional childcare workers nurture thousands of kids so that their parents can work.

Healthy Habits: Can you Pass the Tick Test?

Motherhood Moments

Common Misconceptions Help Spread Tick Diseases Between global warming and the post-pandemic push to move to the suburbs, it is the perfect storm for an uptick in the number of tick-borne illnesses.

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Book Nook: Lil' Leo the Chosen One

Motherhood Moments

The global pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. It has forced us to go within and seek for ideas to heal ourselves. Every human being across the world has been impacted by this and a huge reset button has been pressed.

Enriching Education: Who Was?

Motherhood Moments

With the 2020 Summer Olympics finally starting this July, anticipation for the world’s greatest sporting event has never been higher. Who Was?,

Book Nook: From Politics to Picture Books

Motherhood Moments

Creating the World of NORMAN THE INTERESTED CAT By author Cheryl Cage Although I’ve been politically active my entire life, in 2005 I began to work exclusively as a political consultant.

Book Nook: A Serving of Wisdom

Motherhood Moments

Sometimes young people do not want guidance and advice from their parents’ and they look to other sources. A serving of wisdom is a loving and wise ‘mum in a book’.

Book Nook: Chasing Excellence - The Remarkable Life and Inspiring Vigilosophy of Coach Joe I. Vigil

Motherhood Moments

Chasing Excellence will take you on the fascinating and inspiring journey of Dr. Joe I. Vigil. Known simply as "Coach" to virtually everybody he has ever met, Coach Vigil rose from poverty to become a towering figure in the running world.

Book Nook: Abdi's World - The Black Cactus on Life, Running, and Fun

Motherhood Moments

Five-time Olympian Abdi Abdirahman is releasing his new memoir right before heading to Japan for the Olympics in July. When he qualified for the 2020 Olympics, he became the oldest American runner ever to make the Olympic team.

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Book Nook: Luna Finds Love Everywhere - A Self-Love Book for Kids

Motherhood Moments

Meet Luna, a little girl who loves playing outside, helping her family, and learning new things. As Luna goes through her regular daily routine, she realizes how much love there is to appreciate around her and within herself too.

Lover Beauty

Motherhood Moments

Have you ever heard of a Butt Lifter ? I hadn't, until I had the opportunity to write this post. At first I thought that they were just a special type of shapewear, and it turns out I was most likely correct.

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Caring Causes: Paws of War

Motherhood Moments

When soldiers stationed overseas bond with the dogs they find they can’t bear the thought of leaving them behind. soldiers stationed in the Middle East found two families of dogs, which included six puppies.

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Parenting Pointers: Digital Detox - 10 Tips for Weaning the Screens This Summer

Motherhood Moments

For much of the pandemic, screens have provided a lifeline for children, helping them socialize and learn, so it’s understandable that both kids and parents may have grown more attached to their digital devices and connectivity than ever before.

Book Nook: Gigi Rowe Wishes

Motherhood Moments

A child’s individualism can be seen through their dreams and imagination. In “ Gigi Rowe Wishes ,” by Gigi Rowe , her goal is to inspire children to pursue their passions and goals.

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Shopping Savings: National Hot Dog Da

Motherhood Moments

Hot diggity dog! National Hot Dog Day is July 21st, and to celebrate, RetailMeNot has gathered all of the best deals and freebies from your favorite restaurants below. National Hot Dog Day Deals and Freebies for 2021 7-Eleven : Get Big Bite hot dogs for just $1 on July 21.

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Music Minute: American Pie Bookazine

Motherhood Moments

“American Pie,” one of the most recognizable and sing-a-long songs, in which, RIAA named one of the top 5 songs of the 20th century, is an iconic anthem by American singer and songwriter Don McLean.

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Smart Safety: Domestic Abuse - Warning Signs and Support

Motherhood Moments

Clare Alden is an educator, writer, visual artist, and mother.

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Book Nook: Adventures of the Sensokids - I've Got the Wiggles

Motherhood Moments

Recently the New York Times revealed that more younger children are having health issues such as sensory processing disorder, which spiked during the pandemic.

Movie Minute: My Divorce Party

Motherhood Moments

Ever wonder what would happen if female filmmakers were put entirely in charge? Well, in the case of the upcoming comedy My Divorce Party , diversity got put front and center.

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Data for National Ice Cream Day

Motherhood Moments

July 18th marks International Ice Cream Day and with new and unusual flavours hitting the market every other week, were keen to see whether the original flavours hold our hearts, or whether it’s time to make space for the new kids on the block.

Area Attractions: Space Jam - A New Legacy Exhibit at the City of Baseball Museum (MN)

Motherhood Moments

The Saints recently commemorated the 25-year history of the movie Space Jam, and celebrated the opening of the new movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy , in theaters and HBO Max that same day.

Consumer Critique: Pass the Pandas

Motherhood Moments

I recently found out about a few educational, family-friendly and engaging board games from UltraPro Entertainment. Burger Academy A learning game that combines the playfulness of hamburger building with STEM-oriented coding curiosity. The game has been the recipient of several recent awards, including the National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA), the Mom’s Choice Award and the Academics’ Choice Award. The object of Burger Academy is to flip the burger to match the image a player is given.

Caring Causes: Helping a Hero

Motherhood Moments

L ee Greenwood, along with Louis and Patti Breland of Breland Homes, recently announced a partnership with Helping a Hero to provide a custom-built home for a wounded warrior in north Alabama as part of the All-Star Salute to Lee Greenwood event. Helping a Hero has launched the “Nominate a Hero” program where the community can nominate a wounded veteran for consideration to be selected as a home recipient. Nomination forms can be found on Helping a Hero’s website at

Music Minute: The T.G. Sheppard Show on SiriusXM's Elvis Radio

Motherhood Moments

Country music legend T.G. Sheppard and SiriusXM extend The T.G. Sheppard Show on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio for their third year featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment. Sheppard recalls how beginning his career at just 16 years old led him to a lifetime friendship with icon Elvis Presley.

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Motherhood Moments

Goodnites L or XL This material comes from Motherhood Moment. Thanks for reading! freebies

Healthy Habits: Habibi Sport Virtual Training Module

Motherhood Moments

Habibi Sport ( ) announces an exciting new motivational development course to help make the most of every physical body movement with the introduction of its Virtual Training Module. The fitness & nutrition company’s founder Shahada Karim says that her uniquely-designed, step-by-step instructional guide is packed with information on how to maximize daily body mechanics efficiently without risking strain or injury. “We

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Parenting Pointers: Self Care Tips from The World’s Busiest People

Motherhood Moments

By taking care of yourself, you can have a healthy connection with yourself and, therefore, be able to share positive emotions with others. Self-care isn't a luxury; it's an essential part of being a good mom.

Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney World

Stockpiling Moms

I wanted to share with you the best Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney World. This is one of my favorite places to take pictures so here are some of my tops choices! Photo Opportunities at Walt. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Why I think everyone should go to Disney World

Stockpiling Moms

Why I think everyone should go to Disney World. I have always loved Disney World. As a little girl my parents took me on my first trip in 1976. I was only 3 years old. I am not sure if that trip. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Thankful Thursday | Lisey got a scholarship!

The Frugal Girl

This week, I am thankful: that Lisey got a scholarship. Lisey has applied for a whole slew of scholarships, and last week, she heard that she won a scholarship from Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame.

Copycat Girl Scout Trios Cookies

Stockpiling Moms

This Copycat Girl Scout Trios Cookies recipe is so easy to make. It is the perfect recipe for your kids to help you with and is so flavorful. We love to make these on rainy days. I LOVE Gluten Free. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Wistfulness over kids growing up

The Frugal Girl

Reader Rose ( we met her, remember? send me this question: How do you deal with wistfulness about time passing with your children? My son turned 27 (!!!!!)

How to Navigate 30A

Stockpiling Moms

I am sharing tips and strategies with you on How to Navigate 30A. If you are looking for a perfect beach vacation you have to consider a trip to 30A. How to Navigate 30A: We fell in love with the. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

I am not trying to tell anyone how to eat

The Frugal Girl

I’m about to publish another big ol’ post comprised of nothing but food-waste-fighting breakfast and lunch meals. Last time I did this , some of my social media followers sort of got the wrong idea.

Top 3 Reasons To Compare Personal Loans Online

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When faced with a financial emergency it can seem like an impossible task to better your finances, especially when it comes to paying off bills and other important surprise payments. However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into some of the top three reasons why you should compare personal loans before deciding upon one. You Can Find Competitive Rates.

Things to Splurge On In Vegas

Shereen Travels Cheap

As you know, I'll be heading back to Vegas in September after two years of absence and I'm looking forward to not just visiting family, but doing some new things that I've been waiting to travel for and trying some new food places.

Vintage-Style Buydeem Toaster Review (with Sonia’s help!)

The Frugal Girl

I already own a toaster, which you’ve probably seen in the background of some of my photos; it’s a bright red number from Cuisinart, and we’ve been really happy with it. So when Buydeem reached out to ask if I would review one of their products, I almost said no.

7 Questions to Help You Make Decluttering Decisions

The Frugal Girl

I recently got this email from a reader: As a long-time reader/fan, I know that you declutter your home every summer. I wonder if you might be willing to do a post or series on decluttering that includes your thought process when you declutter.

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Care about something a lot? Then the work will fall on you (and that’s ok)

The Frugal Girl

A little while back, a reader asked if my kids feel about my food-waste avoidance efforts; do they think it’s dumb? Are they as enthusiastic about avoiding food waste as I am? The answer? They don’t think my efforts are dumb.

How to Budget (and Pay) for Yearly Bills + a FREE Speadsheet

Family Balance Sheet

Not sure how to budget for your once-a-year bills? They can cause a panic, especially when just one bill is into the four figures, like our property taxes or auto insurance! But let me show you how to budget (and pay) for yearly bills with a strategy I’ve used for years.

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WIS, WWA | a peachy week

The Frugal Girl

What I Spent. I didn’t do much shopping this week! $20 20 at Target. $5 5 at Harris Teeter. $11 11 at the liquor store for bourbon for a recipe. $8 8 at the produce stand for peaches. So, that’s a total of $44.