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Go Green, Save Money, Live Healthy

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When balancing our lives, there are many things that we need to consider. Life is full of surprises and being ready for them is very important. Two of the most important facets of our lives is remaining healthy, and being financially sound. These two aspects can often reflect one another.

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Reorganization Tips for Messy Homes

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Is your home messier than it used to be? It can be easy to let things build up over time and all of a sudden you can barely see your living room floor or the grass in your garden. Often, it is all about reorganization – but where do you start? Here, we are going to give you some of our top reorganization tips for messy homes. Keep reading to find out more about this. Organize Your Wardrobe. One of the best ways to reorganize your home is to spend some quality time with your wardrobe.

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Life After Your First Job: How to Build a Successful Career

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Many college students spend months –– if not years –– preparing to land their first “real job” after they graduate. And it’s reasonable for recent graduates to only feel concerned with lining up interviews and meeting the challenges a new job presents. After all, it can be very difficult to get your foot in the door, so to speak. The bad news is that relatively few people are prepared for what they should do next –– that is, after they’ve been at their first job for a while.

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We live in a world filled with risks and uncertainties. People, their families, their properties and their assets are constantly at exposed to a variety of risks. Insurance plans are a vital part of every person’s life for it acts as a safety net for when an individual is in need of monetary assistance due to certain circumstances.

Tips for Keeping Your Stockpile Safe and Dry

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Every couponer’s dream is to have a stockpile of food, household essentials, and non-perishables stored safely in their home. And if you go a step further by canning, freeze drying, and jarring your own foods, it is vital that you have a safe place to keep everything. At first, your stockpile might only take up a couple of shelves in the hallway closet, but as it grows you have to think of long-term storage solutions.

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How To Make Industrial Recycling Simple In Business

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With so much media coverage at the moment on how much damage we are doing to our planet, there seems to be an even bigger commitment at the moment from companies to do things differently. With climate change targets set and companies pledging their strategy on how they will support these, consumers are also looking at what the companies they use are doing both short and long term.

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Control Pests without Poisoning Your Lawn – Organic Solutions

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Pests are a big problem for any homeowner looking to keep his or her lawn in tip-top shape. Along with diseases, lawn pests can wreak havoc on your lawn and turn a once lush and beautiful yard into a complete disaster. The natural solution to this, of course, is pest control. Unfortunately, most pest control solutions aren’t natural.

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How to Take the Stress Out of Job Hunting

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The journey you take when looking for a new job can be filled with stress and anxiety. It’s easy to lose hope, particularly when money is tight and you’re desperate to find a new job, but it’s important not to let the strain of the experience get to you. While job hunting is an intense and emotional experience, keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Six Eco-friendly Ways to Save Money for You and Your Family

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Transportation. From a money-saving and environment-friendly perspective, this may be the most obvious solution to making room in your budget in an eco-conscious manner. Heading into the summer, gas prices will continue to go up, so transportation alternatives can really help. Carpooling, public transportation, and biking are all terrific ways to cut down trips to the gas pump while decreasing your own personal carbon footprint left on the environment.

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What to Know About Growing a Balcony Container Garden

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Now that I live in an apartment, I’m looking for ways to still enjoy some of the benefits of a home (although I don’t know that I need to live in a house again). One of the things I enjoyed about living in a home was the gardening.

Things I’ve Learned During 30 + Years of Home Ownership

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I’ve been a homeowner since 1978, when we bought our fixer upper little ranch house when our second baby was 6 months old. I thought I knew all about keeping a house. After all, both Mom and Dad had been do-it-yourselfers and had trained me up to work right alongside them.

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Having a Hard Time Getting By? 3 Budget Leaks You May Be Experiencing.

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Do you make enough money to cover your mortgage or rent, groceries, transportation, and other essential expenses, but find yourself on a treadmill of not being able to save? Many people are, and you’re not alone.

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How to Save Money on An Engagement Ring

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When you finally decide that you’ve found “the one” and you’re ready to splash out on an engagement ring, you want to make sure that you choose the perfect stone. Unfortunately, a lot of us assume that we can’t afford to buy a diamond – when that isn’t always the case. There are actually plenty of ways that you can get your hands on an affordable conflict-free diamond without having to work all the hours of the day, or compromise on appearance.

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Eight Things I Learned After Becoming a Millionaire

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When we are young and poor, a million dollars seems an enormous sum – enough to cure all the ills in our lives!

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How is Your Vacation Rental Doing?

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Owning a vacation rental has been a love-hate emotion for me. We bought a lakefront condo 10 years ago near lakes and an area known for entertainment venues, for what I thought at the time were great reasons. Why we bought. Diversify our investment holdings. We only own one home, no land, no rentals.

If You???re Not Poor, Can You Teach Your Kids What It???s Like to Be Poor?

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While I was growing up, my family didn’t have much money. My dad worked first as a meat cutter and then at a factory. During the recession in the ’80s, he was unemployed for nearly 2.5 years. My mom was an at home day care provider.

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5 Sources for Quick Funding

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There are times when someone might need funding as fast as possible. Here are some situations that could warrant the need for quick funding: Debts Must Be Settled: For those that care about their credit score, paying off a debt means making sure that each monthly payment is made on time, and in full. Failing to do so could be detrimental to that squeaky-clean credit!

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Four Side Hustles for You and Your Family This Year

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There comes a time in all our lives when we have been faced with financial difficulties. Most of the well-meaning people will advise you to cut back on your overall spending. But you find that that alone may not cut it sometimes, and may not be the best solution. It will help lessen the financial strain, but not fully eradicate it. The next common and probably better advice that you are most likely to get is to earn more income by getting a side hustle.

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5 Insurance Issues for Entrepreneurs

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One of the items that many entrepreneurs overlook when they get started is insurance. When you’re starting a business, it doesn’t seem important to worry overmuch about insurance. In fact, it might not even be on your radar.

Sleep and Mental Health: How Late Nights Affect Your Brain

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We all know how it feels to miss a night’s sleep. Tired, groggy, and irritable, all we want is to be to be left alone. Nothing a good night’s rest can’t fix right? Well yes, if it’s just one night’s missed sleep but what if it’s every night? An increasing amount of us aren’t getting sufficient sleep and more and more of us are suffering from sleep disorders. What few of us realize is the long term impact that sleeping badly on a regular basis have on our mental health.

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My Best Garage Sale Finds

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I love a bargain. Years ago, Mom introduced me to the idea of going to garage sales. People sell the darnedest things at their garage sales.

Make One Change to Improve Almost Every Aspect of Your Life

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Over the past year or so, I’ve probably watched twenty different documentaries , and many of them were about health, food, weight and nutrition. I also enjoy many TED Talks on similar topics and am an avid reader.

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Easy Ways to Build Up Your Savings

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A surprising amount of North Americans are not putting money away consistently for retirement. Many families are toeing the line of slipping into debt, if they aren’t already over their heads.

Turning back the clock: 4 Natural ways to Look and Feel younger

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Humans have been chasing the fountain of youth for thousands of years, and it seems a lot of us still do.

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Financial Success: It’s Not Always About Your Income

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When I was younger, I used to think that a higher income was the solution to most of my financial issues. My husband and I were graduate students with loans and credit card debt, and we were certain that a higher income would solve all of our problems. However, this isn’t always the case.

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7 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

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Our consumer-driven society is one that results in a great deal of waste. From food waste to packaging to disposable items, there are a lot of resources being used by humans. This consumption of resources — and the waste it produces — is not sustainable. Nor is it healthy.

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Redefining Moderation.

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I used to struggle with my weight. I was never “fat”, it would even be a stretch to say I was “chubby”, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be weight and health wise. I would often yo-yo ten to fifteen pounds at a time. Then one day I finally got down to that magic number on the scale and loved it!

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Household Debt in Canada

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Household debt is at an all-time high. In the current economic climate, household debt has been steadily rising, with no signs of stopping. Statistics Canada has a lot of great detailed information on the current state of household debt in our country, but it can all seem like a lot to take in.

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How to Ask for Money Back When Somebody Owes You

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If you’ve ever lent somebody money and have had to actually ask to be repaid, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s an incredibly uncomfortable experience. The better you know the person, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

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It’s Time to Leave Your Money Mistakes in the Past

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As humans, we tend to be hard on ourselves. When we make mistakes, we dwell on them, dredging them up, and remaining ashamed — often long after others have forgiven us and moved on. The same is true of our money mistakes.

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Save Money and Go Green By Replacing These Disposable Items with Reusable Ones

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Most of us who are 40 and younger grew up with disposable paper items. Because that’s all we knew, they became the norm. However, a generation or two ago, disposable items were less common.

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The 5 Steps to Living Money-Stress Free

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Do you barely survive, living paycheck to paycheck? Does all your income just pass through your hands and nothing is left? Do you feel afraid that when disaster or emergency strikes, you won’t be able to handle the expenses ?

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How to Limit Distractions When You Work From Home

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There are times when I just can’t seem to focus on work. It’s too easy to get distracted and pretty soon nothing is getting accomplished. Working from home doesn’t really help the situation, since the line between work and other things can be blurred very easily.

Halloween Spending Through the Years

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My favorite thrift store has a section dedicated to seasonal items. A couple of days ago on one of my visits, I noticed 2 entire clothing racks filled with Halloween costumes and/or clothing items. The number and variety of Halloween items in this thrift store surprised me.

5 Books with Insights that Changed the Way I Think About Money

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When I was growing up, my ideas about money were limited. I figured the keys to financial success were: Get a good education. Get a good job. Buy a house, since it’s an investment. Save money in a bank account (or perhaps a company retirement plan). Work at said job for 30 or 40 years.

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Is Automatic Bill Pay Right for You?

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One of the things I love about living in our modern world is the technology. I love how a number of chores can be performed easily with the help of technology. This includes financial chores like paying bills.

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The Importance Of Setting Financial New Year’s Goals

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Here we are, just weeks left in 2014. If you’re like me, you’re scratching your head and wondering how time went so quickly. The New Year brings a chance to make a fresh start and improve our lives. One of the best ways to do that is to set realistic goals.

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5 Essential Money Tips for Newlyweds

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When you first contemplate marrying the love of your life, everything seems just right. You believe you can put up with anything, and you think that any difficulties can be smoothed over if you face them together.

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Budget Friendly Camping for the Whole Family

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Camping is an awesome activity if you want to be closer to nature or get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Better Organization Could Boost Your Productivity

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One of the things I’ve noticed in recent weeks is that my work benefits from organization. I’ve been a little out of sorts because I just packed up and moved across the country. We’ve been putting our new apartment together, and figuring out where everything goes.

4 Reasons I Attend Conferences

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Like many other financial blogger types, I just returned from FinCon. I attend two or three conferences each year (FinCon is my favorite) because I find these events valuable. And not just because I sometimes party like I’m in college again.

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How to Save Money by Greening your Wardrobe

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If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to save money, even if it’s only a little bit each week or month. Sometimes we need to find extra funds when big bills are due but often it is needed just to make ends meet.

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3 Tips to Overcome Procrastination

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After hosting a family dinner one time, my husband and I loaded the dishwasher and put a particularly messy pot into the sink to soak. I filled it up with soap and hot water and stepped away to let it do its thing.

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