10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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It’s no secret, I am fascinated, encouraged, and border-line obsessed with debt freedom. The idea of becoming debt free makes me downright giddy. So I love to hear the success stories of others who have found debt freedom. What did they specifically do to become debt free?

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Start Managing Your Debt (And Enter To Win $1000 Cash)

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Personal debt has unfortunately become a way of life in the 21 st century with levels reaching all time highs. A recent survey in the US showed that increasing numbers of people are filing for bankruptcy as their debts reach levels they simply cannot service. Look Your Debt in the Eyes.

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Find out how Richard paid off $40,000 of debt

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Richard of Frugality Magazine , where he shares frugal living tips for financial freedom. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? I left university, as so many do, with a fair chunk of debt. Debt Free Stories

Do the Rich Use Debt Differently?

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It was nearly impossible to figure out exactly how the program would work for each query, because, as Bonnie Baker (the engaging and energetic DB2 speaker) used to put it “It depends” Likewise with understanding whether the rich use debt differently than the rest of us… it depends. Just because you manage to accumulate lots of money doesn’t mean that you suddenly get comfortable being in debt. When you take on debt, you take on a level of risk.


FREE David Bach Debt FREE For Life Book Download

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A FREE book download of David Bach’s Debt Free for Life is available today. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Just click the link and a pdf with 200+ pages will come up for you.

Friday Links – Hate the Darkness Edition

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Here are some great articles from this week. Alexa from Defeat Our Debt has some great tips for those of you struggling to pay off your debt. Don’t miss her post on 5 Drastic Ways to Free Up Money for Debt Repayment. The ABC’s of Debt Reduction.

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While many personal finance sites focus on things such as getting out of debt, saving for retirement, and investing, what really matters to me the most is how we can live healthy prosperous lives. I am still in shock. I cannot believe I started this blog just over two years ago.

Friday Links – Keeping the Balance Edition

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In part of my downtime, I have been able to read some great articles this week. Deacon @ Well Kept Wallet paid off debt in 18 months and is inviting readers to do the same. The ABC’s of Debt Reduction. Happy Friday Everyone.

Friday Links – Time is of the Essence Edition

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Pauline from Reach Financial Independence shares 5 ways to get out of debt , to show how you can accelerate your debt payments to become debt free earlier. Grayson from Debt RoundUp wants to know Why is Prepaid Such a Dirty Word? Happy Friday everyone.

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Christmas Reward – iPad 3 Giveaway

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See Debt Run. This article was written by Denise. How better to finish off Christmas than by winning an iPad 3. I mean, who doesn’t want this handy little device?!

Friday Links – Out of Town Edition

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Here are some great articles from this week. Grayson from Debt Roundup recently took out an auto loan and shared the reasons why in his When Opportunity Knocks post. Lily at Paying Debt Down knows that almost anyone can build a diversified portfolio and will teach you How to Invest like an Old Pro (even if you’re a Young Amateur). If you are new to PET or haven’t gotten a chance to read all the articles in the past, here are few archives you might enjoy.

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Friday Links – Exhausted Edition

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There were as always great reads out this week which I have highlighted below: Good Reads From The Blogosphere: If you’re struggling to stay afloat with your finances, Grayson at Debt Roundup highlights how the first step to recovery is to admit you don’t have a budget.

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Yakezie Carnival – Credit Cards Edition

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After that, while you all primed and interested in personal finance, continue and read the awesome articles that were written across the web this week regarding personal finance and enhancing your lifestyle. Hello and welcome to this week’s Yakezie carnival.

Carnival of Personal Finance #384 – Time for a Laugh Edition

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I hope you enjoy them and the great articles they support. Kristen from My Dollar Plan reminds us Why You Should Tell Your Family About Your Debt. Peter from Bible Money Matters shares 10 Tips to Save Money on Your Christmas Shopping and Avoid Going Into Debt.

Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

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Philip from Deliver Away Debt shares his story: How I Delivered Away My Debt. mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter asks Are you contributing to this debt clock? Some people find themselves buried under student loan debt with little chance of ever paying it off.

How to Get into the Stock Market

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Those of us who had stocks , bonds, and mutual funds saw our net worth rise, but many (perhaps as many as 50% of us, according to CNN Money article M illions see no benefit from soaring stock prices ) missed out. The market has soared in the past year.

Yakezie Carnival October 16, 2011- Growth Edition

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This was the first opportunity to highlight articles from the newly formed Yakezie network. Good Financial Cents: What to Watch For With Debt Settlement Companies Considering using a debt settlement company? Bucksome shares ten of her favorites in this article.

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The “Cashless” Cash Envelope System

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As much as this is the perfect solution for our family (and one of the catalysts to help us kick start our debt pay-off plan), I also understand this is not an option for everyone. This service includes all of the services available under the basic plan, but also helps you tackle your debt.

How To Teach Your Kids to Save Money

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Today, you can pick up pretty much any book, newspaper, or magazine and find an article about getting out of debt. Did you know that: * Nellie Mae reports that the average amount of credit card debt held by college graduates is $2,700. *

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How to Conduct an Effective Family Financial Analysis

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Guest Post Author Bio: Elias Cortez, from Dallas, TX is currently a freelance writer specializing in writing on education and career information articles. View his latest articles on the University of Phoenix Birmingham and how to obtain a graphic design degree here.

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5 Fuel Saving Tips (Guest Post)

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BIO: Tracie helped her family eradicate more than $37,000 in debt. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. If you feel like you may need to take out a second mortgage to put fuel in your tank, you are not alone!

Totally Money Blog Carnival #18 – 6 Ways to Save Money Edition

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Read Kay’s article to find some alternate routes. I did this yeas ago when I was in debt and it made paying off the debt a reality. Tax Debt Help presents Savers Tax Credit: Get Rewarded for Retirement. She was still struggling with college credit card debt.

How to Get By on One Income When Baby Arrives

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Eliminate debt. Credit card debt and high-interest loans are costing you money that you could use in the long-run. Prepare to live on one income by paying down, or paying off, these debts. Articles InstagramHow to Get By on One Income When Baby Arrives.

Why I Don’t Use Credit Card Rewards Programs

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An August 2013 issue of Daily Finance, in an article entitled Credit Card Debt Falling But Still Very High reported: “According to data from the Federal Reserve, as of July 2013, the average indebted household in the U.S. Loyalty programs have been around for a long time.

Frugal doubt.

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After all, if (and this is a big IF) the housing market ever recovers (or just stops resulting in decreasing value) then I may be able to sell my house without creating equity by paying off my second mortgage debt. goals mortgage debt student loanI sort of knew this was coming.

Are You Middle Class?

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A 2014 Money article What It Means to Be Middle Class Today reported that: “Jerry Love, who runs a certified public accountant firm in Abilene, Texas, and works with the middle class and the fabulously wealthy, says he has clients earning $300,000 to $400,000 annually who nonetheless consider themselves middle class.” Do the Rich Use Debt Differently? I bet your gut response was YES.

Best Way to Spend Tax Refund

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Get Rid of Debt. If you are one of the many people who have a little or a lot of debt accumulated through credit cards or other ways, use this opportunity to pay some of it back. Articles Ask FTM News You Can UseBest Way to Spend Tax Refund.

Can You Cut Expenses by a Half Million Dollars?

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The strategies did keep us out of debt however, and instilled in us habits of self-reliance, attitudes of ‘we can do that’ and a measure of life-long thriftiness that we might not otherwise have had. is based on a Billshrink.com article – Dining on a budget.

Credit Card Rules You Should Live By

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More purchases equals more spent money equals more credit card debt. If you do spend that much, can you pay off the debt? Articles Ask FTM News You Can UseCredit Card Rules You Should Live By. Ah, the credit card. That magical card of freedom.

Passive Income With Real Estate

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For those of you that have never thought about real estate as an investment, perhaps after reading this article, you may consider it as an investment option in the future. What is Debt Leverage? This post was written by Derek. Have you ever thought about investing in real estate ?

Festival of Frugality #271- 10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition

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Sandy presents Video: Beware of Illegal Debt Collection Practices posted at My Cheapass Blog , saying, “Some debt collectors will try anything to get you to pay, even some illegal tactics.func&#. Submit your blog article using the carnival submission form.

Revenge Spending and Other Married Money Tricks

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The author of Kiplinger article ‘How Money Is Used as a Weapon in Relationships ‘ says: “Money is among the most powerful weapons of control in a relationship.” The New York Daily news reported that wife of Yankee ball player Alex Rodriguez’s wife ran up credit card debt of $100,000 when she found out about a dalliance between he and Madonna.

Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #236 – May 11, 2012

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’ Financial Planning Ashley presents Should I Get Married with Debt? Jester presents The Importance of Vacations For Kids posted at The Ultimate Juggle , saying, “This article explains the reasons that we prefer to take destination oriented vacations for the kid’s sake. KT presents In Debt Consider Paying Cash for Your Purchases posted at Personal Finance Journey , saying, “Are you in debt besides the mortgage?

Graduates – Use Summer to Learn How to Avoid College Fail Points

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According to NPR article: A Successful Job Search: It’s All About Networking 70 to 80 percent of jobs ARE NEVER POSTED. As Forbes article Five Tips For Deciding When To Open A Student Credit Card says: “Finally, make sure they read all the rules regarding interest rates, repayments, annual fees and late fees prior to applying. The fading strains of Pomp and Circumstance echo in our ears as the summer after your senior year in high school beckons.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter has been Featured in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #12

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Many thanks to Debt Free Divas for including my post Anatomy of the Financially Savvy Brain-Part 2 in this week’s Totally Money Carnival. Please check out the carnival for all of the great articles included this week. Related posts: Prairie Eco-Thrifter has Been Featured in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #10. Prairie Eco-Thrifter has Been Featured in the Totally Money Carnival #5. Prairie Eco-Thrifter has Been Featured in the Totally Money Carnival. Appearances In

Christmas Gifts on a Budget

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Using your store credit card to save on Christmas gifts doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into massive debt. 101 Deals of Christmas Articles Ask FTM On the CheapChristmas Gifts on a Budget.

Friday Links – Win an iPad Mini Edition

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My friend Jackie over at The Debt Myth has created a Pay Off Debt App which I think is very cool. She has lived the journey of being sunken in debt and then freeing herself and now she is trying to help others do the same with her new app. Greetings and happy Friday.

Should You Save Or Invest Your Money?

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In this article we will look at the pros and cons of saving and investing, as well as reducing debt, as a means of gaining financial security. What About Debt? In today’s tight economic climate, many people wonder what is the best method of improving their financial position.

Why I Don’t Use Cash Back Credit Cards

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In Forbes article Are You a Sucker for Cash Back Credit Card Offers? As article How Is Cashback Profitable For Credit Card Companies? states: “Because these programs are incentives for consumers to use their credit cards in lieu of cash or debit cards, they generate increased merchant fees for the credit card company and may also cause some consumers to increase their debt, providing yet another source of revenue for the credit card company.

Friday Links – Long Weekend Edition

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I have been able to read some great articles this week. Check them out: Good Reads From The Blogosphere: When you’re aggressively trying to pay down debt, you may feel that you’ve done all you can to curb your expenses, but have you really?