3 Important Lessons in Living Frugally, But Not Too Frugally

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Guest Post Author Bio: David Bakke enjoys living frugally in Atlanta and frequently shares his best financial tips and experiences on Money Crashers , an online resource ranked as one of the top personal finance blogs online. In response to a pay cut at work three years ago, I started living a frugal lifestyle and decided to save wherever I could. In my quest for frugality, however, I’ve learned that some would-be saving methods are not truly practical.

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I am a life long resident of the great state of Pennsylvania. The Turkey Hill Taste Lab allows you to bring your virtual ice cream creation to life as you make your own pint of ice cream! Fresno, California — Living A Frugal Life. Atlanta, Georgia — Pretty Frugal Diva. Carroll County, Maryland — Looking at life CreativLEI. Central, New Jersey — Our Good Life. Portland, Oregon — Frugal Living NW.

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