Four Things I Learned When I Became a Grandparent

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Here are four things I learned after having grandchildren. My Aunt and Uncle used to take each of their grandchildren on a trip when they reached the ripe old age of 8. When the grandchildren are at your house, it can get a bit trickier. You obviously have the right and responsibility to keep your grandchildren safe and must set up the house rules to do so. You don’t, however, have to let your grandchildren have free reign to destroy your house or things.

10 FREE (but Thoughtful) Christmas Gift Ideas

Family Balance Sheet

This is a great idea for seniors, friends who don’t have family nearby, college students, or just about anyone on your list. If your freezer is packed with ready made meals that just need to be heated up, this would be an awesome gift for anybody, especially any college students or seniors on your list. Maybe you are a crafter/knitter/crocheter with a stash of supplies? Gifts must be expensive and store bought—-SAID NO ONE, EVER!