Wait, Don’t Buy That Yet!

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For many, the end of the year holiday shopping frenzy can override our saner, more thrifty selves. Spending our precious and all too limited time searching online and in stores. Sometimes, as we shop we see things we would like to own and decide to treat ourselves with a gift or two as well. I always shop for Christmas wrapping paper, gift tags, boxes and really nice ornaments the week after Christmas.

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Save Money: Buy These 7 Items Used

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We bought a lot of our son’s onesies and other items (including a crib) at a consignment shop. 8 Great Things that You Can Find at Thrift Stores 10 Steps To A Successful Garage Sale 5 Ways to Go Green and Save Money at the Same Time How to Shop for Furniture at Thrift Stores How to Save Money on Baby Costs. If you want to save money, one of the best options is to buy used.


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How To Update Your Wardrobe For Less

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Shop Your Closet. Shop Seasonally. If you go swimsuit shopping just as the heat starts to set in, you’ll pay for it, as prices generally hit their peak when you need an item most. Take your smartphone with you on your next shopping venture so you can google discounts and search price comparisons in the store. Shop the Discount Chains. Thrift. If the stigma of thrifting gets to you, remember, it’s not “used”, it’s “vintage”.

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25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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Collect your bills and start shopping around for new vendors. Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that looked really cute in the store, but ended up sitting in your closet? I’m always amazed by the amount store tags I see on clothing and household item at thrift stores. Research the store’s return policy for unused purchases without a receipt if you don’t have it. 19 – Shop thrifty for you clothing needs.