Shop Thrift or Consignment Stores | 31 Days to Find $1000

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Wednesday is my favorite day of week and not because it’s HUMP day–i t’s 50% off day at my favorite thrift store. . I have nothing against retail stores. Do you shop at thrift stores? 31 Days to Find $1000 Thrifting

Put Your Budget on a Diet: Saving Money by Living Medium

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Buy Store Brands. Believe it or not, those name brand foods, household goods, clothing, and accessories you buy can be found in the same aisles with the name of the store stamped on them. Most of the time, the store brand is a $.20

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Best Apps for Thrift Shopping (and Selling) Online

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Thrift shopping is making a comeback and we are loving it! That being said, in-person thrift stores aren’t always ideal. Some may not have a good thrift shop in their community, while others may prefer the convenience of shopping online.

Wait, Don’t Buy That Yet!

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Spending our precious and all too limited time searching online and in stores. Sure I knew about the ‘White sales’ – the ones stores used to have in January on sheets and towels and such, but I really hadn’t a clue that there is a best time to buy many other things!

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Save Money: Buy These 7 Items Used

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We bought a lot of our son’s onesies and other items (including a crib) at a consignment shop. If you want to save money, one of the best options is to buy used. Not only can buying something second-hand help you save money, but it also reduces the amount of resources that you use.

25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that looked really cute in the store, but ended up sitting in your closet? I’m always amazed by the amount store tags I see on clothing and household item at thrift stores. Emergencies happen when you least expect it.

How To Update Your Wardrobe For Less

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Take your smartphone with you on your next shopping venture so you can google discounts and search price comparisons in the store. Thrift. If you have an uneasiness when it comes to “used” clothing, know that there are many different tiers of second hand stores. Shop Your Closet.

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Tips to Save on School Uniforms

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Many retailers offer coupons for their stores on a continual basis. Thrift stores and consignment stores are a great resource for polos, dress shirts, khakis or long pants. Tips to Save on School Uniforms.