On Environmentalism Becoming Consumerism

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All the consuming in the world isn’t going to help one bit. Stop consuming for consumption sake. For years, I have called myself an “environmentalist” in that I care about the state of the environment and its affect on the human species. Most of the time I never really think about it, it’s just the word I use to describe myself when discussing my interests.

Eco-Friendly Properties – The Next Big Thing of 2019

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Evidence suggests that consumers are now more aware of ethical and environmental issues surrounding the goods and services they use, with research from the Ethical Consumerism Report revealing that 50 per cent of consumers had avoided a product due to a company’s bad reputation. There’s no doubt that the world has become more conscious of environmental issues over recent years.

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Having a Hard Time Getting By? 3 Budget Leaks You May Be Experiencing.

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We used to be able to just go shopping when new needed something; every time you go and buy something you won’t use, you’re buying into our consumerism culture. This can come in a variety of different forms, but something we see time and time again is people who are in debt or having a hard time making ends meet buying brand new, fancy cars, massive houses and high end consumer goods.

How Denim Can Be Bad For The Environment

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Let’s begin at the top and work our way through the manufacturing, consuming, and disposal of a pair of denim jeans. How we spend our money on consumable goods should match the things we are concerned about in life. Companies Running Buy One, Donate One Programs For Those in… On Environmentalism Becoming Consumerism.

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Ways to Have a Green Christmas

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Not only are consumers in a mania to get their kids a whole bunch of poorly made, plastic toys manufactured in plants that pump a ridiculous amount of chemicals into the air, but also, households ramp up their carbon footprints by using more water, cleaning products, electricity, and not to mention all of the food that is purchased, cooked, and wasted. Take It Easy On the Consumerism. The holidays are, hands down, one of the most environmentally unfriendly holidays of the year.

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Sustainable Gift Giving this Holiday Season

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Now that the holiday season is underway, it’s probably a little difficult to scale back the consumerism. These make great gifts that can be environmentally friendly, as well as consumable so that they aren’t cluttering up the homes of your friends and relatives. However, it is possible to have a greener Christmas, as well as find gifts that are a little more eco-friendly.

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How to Embrace a Sustainable Living Lifestyle

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Prominent scientists have written about the dangers of continuing the rate of development and growth of consumerism-driven societies, but their warnings have largely fallen on deaf ears. Science has given us plenty of evidence that humans are living in a most unsustainable way by consuming these resources at a much faster rate than they can possibly be replenished naturally. When you practise sustainability, you adopt a lifestyle that is termed sustainable living.

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Live Green and Get More Green in Your Wallet

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Avoid Consumerism. From television commercials featuring flashy new cars, to radio commercials pushing diamond anniversary rings and tempting top-shelf foods portrayed on interstate billboards, consumers are slammed with choices every day of the week. Guest Post Author Bio: The following is a guest post by Lisa at Car Insurance Comparison, an Australian blog created to help its readers compare car insurance in and around their areas.

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