How this Couple Eliminated $180,000 of Debt in 12 Months!

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It started with $40,000 in consumer debt (vehicles, credit cards, small student loan) and then sold our home and eliminated the $140,000 of mortgage debt. While we were paying off our debt, my husband and I both had a realization about our home. So we decided to sell our home and become renters for the first time. One evening my husband came home from work and mentioned that he forget to get gas in his truck on the way home.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Diet

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Make it a habit to incorporate at least 5 different coloured foods a day into your diet. Cook at home. Cooking at home not only saves you money but it also keeps you in control of what you are putting into your body. By planning ahead, the task of cooking at home doesn’t need to be time consuming. There are a variety of different fruits, vegetables,and grains that are available at different times of the year.

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Save Money and Time with Once a Month Cooking

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Eating out, while convenient, can be both expensive and time consuming. Still, I missed the convenience of eating out and not having to cook at home. How to Get Started with Once a Month Cooking. I’m not going to lie, the day you actually do the cooking for a month is tiring. You may be cooking for 4 to 8 hours, depending on the recipes you choose. Care must be taken with the recipes that you choose for once a month cooking.

Interview with a Self-Made Millionaire

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For so long, we plodded along with next to nothing while our neighbors were running up their charge cards and using home equity loans to take vacations. We shopped at garage sales, turned down the heat, combined errands to use less gas, didn’t buy a lot of prepared food, cooked at home and the like. We mowed the grass, made our clothes, cleaned house, cooked , and fixed broken stuff. Frugal Food Tips Have you been looking at your budget lately?

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Four Easy Ways to Save on Basic Necessities

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We all need to eat on a daily basis, but you can cut back on your dining budget by eating at home. Most restaurant-style meals are easy to prepare at home at a fraction of the cost, and you are able to control what ingredients are included. When cooking at home, try to reduce meat consumption to save money. The average American household consumes more and more meat every year and prices are skyrocketing.

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Look Hot and Stay Fit on a Busy Schedule

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Do you need to look well groomed at all times, for your job or lifestyle or can you take a more casual approach? The best meals and snacks are those you make at home because you can control what goes into them. I know you’re busy, but cooking at home is really beneficial for you and your family, on many levels, so try and rearrange your schedule to fit this in as often as you can.

How to Establish an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

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Scientists are warning that humans are depleting these resources at an alarmingly fast rate, one that outstrips the planet’s ability to renew them. The sustainability philosophy is that we must not fill our own current needs at the expense of the needs of future generations. You will see the positive differences close to home and will be able to enjoy the benefits. Reduce your carbon footprint – and save money at the same time.