Eco-Friendly Properties – The Next Big Thing of 2019

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Evidence suggests that consumers are now more aware of ethical and environmental issues surrounding the goods and services they use, with research from the Ethical Consumerism Report revealing that 50 per cent of consumers had avoided a product due to a company’s bad reputation. Properties like apartments with a more high-end, luxury touch are often more desirable to this type of tenant, who is willing to spend more on rental properties that meet their requirements.

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Should You Buy a House Now?

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If you are buying a home to serve as an income property, you might be able to afford to spend a little more (assuming you can find a tenant to pay rent regularly) than if you simply plan to move in and raise a family. ” Is most of my consumer credit dealt with? It makes sense to wait to buy until your consumer debt is mostly handled. Adding another debt obligation while you are already struggling with high-interest consumer debt, can burden your finances.

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The Top Three Ways People Get Rich

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That Forbes article mentioned above put it nicely, saying: “And therein is perhaps the best bet for becoming a billionaire: inventing, designing, creating something that will have broad appeal to consumers”. The ability to leverage your money by getting a mortgage on a piece of income property and letting your tenants pay it off is unique in the investment world. Being rich means different things to different people at different points in their lives.

Which Type of Home Should You Buy?

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It has an income suite, so we live in about 1300 square feet of the house, and our tenant (my brother) lives in the basement suite. It can be time consuming, so be aware of this. In 2012, when we were house shopping, we felt assaulted with all of the choices that there were. Did we want 2 bedrooms, or more? Land, or low maintenance? Which city did we want to live in? Was proximity to amenities important, or would we prefer the peace and quiet of the country?