Reasons to Avoid Debt in 2014

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I’m sure you’ve heard: household debt is on the rise and consumerism is everywhere. Between credit card offers in the mail promising great rewards and the ability to borrow money for next to nothing, debt can be enticing. My experiences with debt have been 100% negative. As a result, I ended up getting myself into a couple thousand dollars worth of credit card debt on things that I didn’t need. Debt does much more damage than good, however.

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The Deadly Sins of Personal Finance

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If you let yourself turn to consumerism excessively, you’ll likely become indebted. This can breed short sightedness as you struggle to deal with your debt. We all know how powerful debt snowballing can be, with small amounts adding up over time to pay off a big portion of debt, and the reverse is true with small portions of spending adding up overtime to wreak havoc on your finances. Consumerism. Of course consumerism is a deadly sin of finance.


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Frugal wardrobe.

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I'm not sure when I would have the time to go through my closets and find 33 items; I'm thinking in the spring, because I am almost positive that I will try to work less than I am now, even if it slows down my debt repayment. minimalism consumerismAs I continue to cast a critical eye over my belongings (how did I get so much STUFF?), I keep coming across these projects that are designed to remind us how little we actually need!

Having a Hard Time Getting By? 3 Budget Leaks You May Be Experiencing.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We used to be able to just go shopping when new needed something; every time you go and buy something you won’t use, you’re buying into our consumerism culture. This can come in a variety of different forms, but something we see time and time again is people who are in debt or having a hard time making ends meet buying brand new, fancy cars, massive houses and high end consumer goods.

Friday Links – Week Three of Chaos

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KK thinks you can think yourself into financial failure –read more at Student Debt Survivor. Check out Jennifer’s post at Broke-Ass Mommy about her techniques for curbing that pesky consumerism itch. Hi everyone. This week has been as hectic as the last two. I am still alive though so this is a good sign. I feel like I got over my weak spells so that is good and my energy is a bit better.

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Finally Frugal

The vast majority of these "money moves" involve some form of consumerism, whether it's purchasing the 'best' video camera, obtaining the 'best' rewards credit card, or buying a $350 thermostat to 'save' money on heating and cooling. Pay down debt. I am naturally drawn to those '10 best.' or '20 best.' of whatever, whether it be '10 best places to retire' or '5 best cities to find a job', or what-have-you.

P.E.P. for the Week of February 14-18/11-Planning Edition

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Consumerism Commentary asks us if we are better off than our parents ? We have more stable careers, we have no debt (other than our mortgage), and we own a home. Reducing Debt. Frugal Dad shares with us 10 Side Hustles that we can use to pay off our debt. Financial Highway tells us how he paid off $50,000 of credit card debt. Canadian Finance Blog tells us why living debt free doesn’t help our credit score. This week we are busy bees planning.

Delayed Gratification: A Strategy to Curb Over-Spending and Secure A Sound Financial Future

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The consumerism of the current financial climate drives us to acquire more and more ‘stuff’, whether we really need it or not. We need to learn that some things are worth waiting for, especially if it means we can avoid going into debt. Rather than buy these things on credit, set out a savings plan that will see you wait a while but then be able to enjoy them, without the debt that goes with using credit or taking out a loan.

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P.E.P. for the Week of February 7-11/11- Valentine’s Kiss Edition

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Frugal Dad reminds us that the war on debt starts at home and until we make changes there, we are never going to win the battle. Reducing Debt. Consumerism Commentary talks about financial motivation for getting in shape. Out of Debt Again - H&R Block at Home Premium. Budgets are Sexy - Copy of Debt Free for Life. With Valentine’s Day making it’s appearance next week, I thought it would be fun to talk about the kissing part of the holiday.