19 Articles to Help You Prepare for Back to School

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Sales Tax Holiday 2011 at Consumerism Commentary - A list of dates, states participating, the items that will be relieved of a sales tax and the maximum cost. The Best Back to School Shopping Tips at Consumerism Commentary. Packing a Lunch: Healthy Food to Go at Kitchen Stewardship.

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Having a Hard Time Getting By? 3 Budget Leaks You May Be Experiencing.

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We used to be able to just go shopping when new needed something; every time you go and buy something you won’t use, you’re buying into our consumerism culture.

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Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

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Buying something cheap just because it’s a good deal falls into the category of “mindless consumerism” and it can lead to long-term money problems down the road. I’ve never been much of a frugalista.

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How to Establish an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

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Read food labels – we have become dependant on processed foods in our busy lives but in the process have lost much of the nutrition of the food. Processed food uses vast amounts of energy in its production, making it an unsustainable commodity.

Ways to Have a Green Christmas

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Not only are consumers in a mania to get their kids a whole bunch of poorly made, plastic toys manufactured in plants that pump a ridiculous amount of chemicals into the air, but also, households ramp up their carbon footprints by using more water, cleaning products, electricity, and not to mention all of the food that is purchased, cooked, and wasted. Food Waste Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable. The amount of food waste that goes on at this time of year is shocking.

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Live Green and Get More Green in Your Wallet

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Avoid Consumerism. From television commercials featuring flashy new cars, to radio commercials pushing diamond anniversary rings and tempting top-shelf foods portrayed on interstate billboards, consumers are slammed with choices every day of the week.

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P.E.P. for Week of January 10-14/11-Seeking Balance Edition

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Flexo from Consumerism Commentary asks us if we should combine money with our spouses ? Money Crashers shares with us 7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste- Freezing Food and Making Leftover Recipes. Well, I don’t know about you but this week has felt very long and tiring.

P.E.P. for the Week of February 7-11/11- Valentine’s Kiss Edition

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Financial Highway tells us how we can beat inflation with our food budget. Consumerism Commentary talks about financial motivation for getting in shape.