Frozen Pizza Alternative – Homemade Pizza Kits

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In my search for a good pizza dough recipe I came across the idea to make pizza kits from Life as Mom. I always prefer homemade pizza, but usually when I want pizza I am not in the mood to make the dough. So store-bought frozen pizzas usually win. A pizza kit is basically a large freezer bag that contains smaller bags of the following: homemade pizza dough, chopped veggies, shredded cheese, and meat toppings.

6 More Ways to Handle Food Price Inflation

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And as I’ve said before, it often helps if I make a list of things I CAN do, rather than focusing on what I can’t do. A refrigerated container of pulled pork + a package of buns is more expensive than the homemade version, but it is bound to be cheaper than the restaurant version.

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Couponing 101

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