WIS, WWA | Not a stellar cooking week

The Frugal Girl

And it wasn’t a blue ribbon week for my cooking either! I baked a bag of orange chicken from Trader Joe’s, cooked some rice, and cut up some fresh produce. I finally did an actual cooking night! What I Spent. It was a week of serious randomness with our food spending.

Frozen Pizza Alternative – Homemade Pizza Kits

Couponing 101

In my search for a good pizza dough recipe I came across the idea to make pizza kits from Life as Mom. I always prefer homemade pizza, but usually when I want pizza I am not in the mood to make the dough. So store-bought frozen pizzas usually win. A pizza kit is basically a large freezer bag that contains smaller bags of the following: homemade pizza dough, chopped veggies, shredded cheese, and meat toppings.


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Couponing 101

In this book you will learn how to prepare and cook the perfect Thanksgiving turkey meal with all the trimmings, plus get a good laugh in the process, courtesy of Amazon best-selling author Billy Taylor. Pizza Pie in the Sky: A Complete Guide to Pizza by Cooking Penguin (reg. This cookbook is a complete look at the making of pizza, from dough to finished pie. Make mouth-watering, delicious cakes that require little to no baking in an oven!

WIS, WWA | a peachy week

The Frugal Girl

I tried a new recipe from Cook’s Country for bourbon chicken over rice. The recipe did make more than this; I just forgot to take a photo until after we’d dished up. So, I can either make pizza in the oven, or I can grill some pizzas without melting.

6 More Ways to Handle Food Price Inflation

The Frugal Girl

And as I’ve said before, it often helps if I make a list of things I CAN do, rather than focusing on what I can’t do. But if you can find some time to spend on cooking/food prep, add some DIY food into your routine. Homemade pizzas are cheaper than even frozen pizzas.

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Got any frugal electricity tips?

The Frugal Girl

And in the winter, I make sure to open those same blinds and curtains to take advantage of the sun’s heat. If a fall or winter day is unusually warm, I open up all the windows in the heat of the day and then I make sure to close them as soon as the temperatures start falling.

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The Savvy Source: Cozy Up Deals

Saving In Akron

The Savvy Source has a few deals to help kids learn how to cook a variety of meals with the Italian, Chinese and Mexican Cookbook Kits for just $10. Introduce young chefs to Italian cuisine with the Handstand Kids Italian Cookbook; Learn to make pizza, spaghetti, meatballs and more; Italian translations and fun packaging turn cooking into an entertaining learning experience.