Yakezie Carnival – Credit Cards Edition

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Since there seems to be so much in the news lately about credit cards- the good ones, the bad ones, the ugly ones, the fee free ones, the reward ones, the secured ones, etc. I figured I would talk about credit cards as today’s theme. Use Credit Cards with Caution.

Find out How Brian & His Wife Paid off $109,000 in Credit Card Debt

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It was all consumer debt spread over 5 credit cards. After trying to extend credit to finance the vacation and we were denied (best thing to ever happen to us) we realized we made too much money to be living like this and something had to change.

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Find out how Jessica paid off $56,000 of student loans, credit cards, and a car loan.

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I had $29,000 in MBA student loans, $14,000 in credit cards, and $13,000 in a car loan. And I cut back on lifestyle – cooking food at home, taking the bus to work vs driving and paying for parking, etc. I no longer use credit cards – only debit cards or cash.

Find out how Maureen Paid off $79,540 in Credit Card & Student Loan Debt

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in credit card debt, and an additional $28,756.17 I don’t eat processed food so for me most of my savings come from health and beauty and household products. Today’s Debt Free Story is from Maureen. She writes at A Debt Free Stress Free Life.

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Are Credit Cards From Grocery Stores Worth It?

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Guest Post Author Bio: Michael is the founder of CreditCardForum.com, a website for card offers, reviews and discussion. It’s astonishing how much food commodities increased last year. T does have some great tips to save money on organic and healthy food ).

Gwyneth Paltrow’s $29 Food Stamp Budget – I pay $30 a week no food stamps

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Gwyneth Paltrow posted on her facebook page : There are a lot of people who use Food stamps (now known as SNAP), and the reality is, food stamps or not, anyone can live on $29 a week. I paid it all in cash (try not to pay in credit cards…).

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How to Save Money on Food Costs

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This constitutes food that you buy but don’t consume. If your finances are tight and you already have several credit cards with high balances, it is time to change your shopping behavior to save as much as possible. Honey and eggs are good food.

Food Network Magazine: 3 FREE Digital Issues

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Sign up for Zinio and you’ll be able to download 3 FREE digital issues of Food Network Magazine. No obligation or credit card is required. Food Network Magazine: 3 FREE Digital Issues is a post from Couponing 101.

Plum District: $5 for a Gourmet Food Box from Love with Food

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Do you love trying new foods but don’t want to commit to full-size products? Then Plum District has the deal for you: pay just $5 for a Gourmet Food Box from Love with Food (a $10 value) ! Valid for new Love with Food clients only. $2

How to Prevent Three Common Disastrous Personal Financial Mistakes

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I was an expert at this; I spent every dollar I earned and juggled multiple credit cards to pay bills and buy whatever I thought I had the money for. Of course, by using credit cards for purchases and bills, I was spending money I didn’t have and probably wouldn’t have any time soon.

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5 Sources for Quick Funding

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Here are some situations that could warrant the need for quick funding: Debts Must Be Settled: For those that care about their credit score, paying off a debt means making sure that each monthly payment is made on time, and in full. Failing to do so could be detrimental to that squeaky-clean credit! Needing the Essentials: Obtaining food, water, shelter and electricity requires having money. Personal Line of Credit. Funding is almost as immediate as a credit card.

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Free Magazine Subscription | Food Network, Shape, Esquire & More

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Register for Zinio and get a Free Mini Magazine Subscription absolutely NO obligation and NO credit card required. Choose from: 3 issues Food Network. credit (via email) that you can use towards a full year subscription, making most $5 or less.

*HOT* Free Mini Magazine Subscription | Choose From Food Network, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Esquire & More

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Register for Zinio and get a Free Mini Magazine Subscription absolutely NO obligation and NO credit card required. Choose from: 3 issues Food Network. credit (via email) that you can use towards a full year subscription, making most $5 or less.

Free Mini Magazine Subscription | Choose From Food Network, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Esquire & More

Saving Everyday

Register for Zinio and get a Free Mini Magazine Subscription absolutely NO obligation and NO credit card required. Choose from: 3 issues Food Network. credit (via email) that you can use towards a full year subscription, making most $5 or less.

Are You Heading for Financial Disaster?

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See if you can identify with any of these statements: I spend more than I earn I don’t have a household budget I use credit cards all the time to buy everyday essentials like food, gas, transport. Slash Your Credit Cards Start getting rid of the credit cards.

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Totally Money Blog Carnival #18 – 6 Ways to Save Money Edition

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t Paydown Your Credit Cards. Crystal presents 5 Credit Card Mistakes You Want to Avoid. Credit cards can be a great tool but these mistakes are all too common. Avoid them and you’ll do fine in the world of credit.

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Keeping it Simple: Strategies for Financial Security

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All you need is a list of expenses, both fixed (rent, loan repayments) and variable (food, clothes, fuel), and a list of all sources of income. You might need a new outfit but you ‘ need ’ food and a way to get to work more! Reduce Your Credit Cards Ouch!

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How To Get Your Budget To Balance

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Food accounts for 15.6% Credit Cards. Credit cards are probably the greatest danger to all your best intentions of sticking to your budget. Leave the credit cards at home and work at getting them paid off, keeping just one for emergencies.

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10 Ideas to Find Cash for Christmas

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The season of family, faith, food and…shopping… collective sigh… The spending part of Christmas can get crazy, so I’ve come up with a list of last minute ideas to find some extra cash for your Christmas spending. The Christmas season is upon us.

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Prepare Now for a Debt Free Christmas

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Gifts, decorations, holiday cards and let’s not forget the food. Rather than succumb to the chaos, let’s plan together to spend only what we have and not put one dime of our holiday spending on a credit card. News flash: 96 days until Christmas morning.

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Is The Deal Worth It?

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Guest Post Author Bio: Mike runs a site for credit card reviews and talk, CreditCardForum.com. Although he does advertise things like credit card bonus offers on his site, he stresses the importance of thinking them through in advance.

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How this Couple Eliminated $180,000 of Debt in 12 Months!

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It started with $40,000 in consumer debt (vehicles, credit cards, small student loan) and then sold our home and eliminated the $140,000 of mortgage debt. So I finally got to the third gas station and inserted my Discover card, hoping it would accept it.

Debt 264

3 Smart Steps to a Debt Free Christmas

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That merry time of year that is filled with faith, family, food, and a little bit shopping. The average American will spend about $700 on holiday purchases* and unfortunately many people will get a little surprise in the mail in January when the credit card bills start rolling in.

Debt 208

6 Ways to Earn $600 and More Before This Christmas

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Since I do not use a credit card anymore (and read recently that banks are in debt due to too much credit cards out there), why not start saving now, with these easy tips : Want more frugal tips/ articles/ DIY stuff? Christmas is around the corner — uh-oh!

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5 Ways to Make Travel with Your Family More Affordable

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My travel a330 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). We thought eating in restaurants was a main attraction of travel because you get to try local foods. Even when eating out on the cheap, we were still spending hundreds of dollars on food.

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A Great Way to Giving Back


Some 13 million people in the Horn of Africa are suffering due to drought and massively inflated food prices. Conflict and famine in 6 regions of Somalia is affecting communities’ access to food, water, health and education services.

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5 Steps to Saving Money Using Just Envelopes

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My biggest area of spending is food, but I’ll actually look at these as two separate categories: groceries and dining out. Do not use a credit or debit card!

How Angela & Jeff paid off $58,000 of Debt in 2 Years

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We also had four credit cards, two lines of credit, and a car loan. Shop with a list, and not just for food. Meet Angela. I watched her and her husband’s debt free scream on The Dave Ramsey Show.

Debt 278

Rethink Your Christmas Spending | 31 Days to Find $1000 | Christmas Savings Club

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In years past, we used a credit card to purchase our gifts and paid the card off in January. Is it smart to spend all of that money on Christmas gifts if we must cash flow some needed expenses or have to put the gift purchases on a credit card?

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How to Avoid Impulse Spending

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Are you surprised when your credit card bill arrives at how much more you charged than you thought you had? Figure out your cost of housing and food per month. Leave your credit cards at home.

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Meet Carrie. She Paid Off $14,000 in Debt in 14 Months.

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After my first marriage fell apart, I ended up with over $14,000 of consumer debt, made up of a car loan and credit cards. I did the regular budget audit and cut things out like entertainment, fast food, and going out with friends. Today’s Debt Free Story is from Carrie.

Debt 240

End World Hunger: 5 Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference

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One in six people don’t have enough food to be healthy. freerice.com is a website where you play simple online word games to earn rice that is distributed through the United Nations World Food Program. cups of food will be donated to feed the hungry at home and overseas.

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Needs vs. Wants

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It is food, so maybe a need. Credit card balances. Yes, credit cards were available. According to Credit Cards.com the Diner’s Club Card was the first of the modern style credit cards to be used and it was available starting in 1950.

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10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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The interviewees also found that cutting their food spending freed up quite a bit of money to apply towards debt. She also prepared extra food to freeze for late days. ACTION STEP: If you would like to lower your food bill, here are my best tips: 11 Simple Meal Planning Tips.

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How to Graduate College Without Being Broke

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First things first: Be smart about credit. Most undergrads start getting credit card applications in the mail before they’ve finished unpacking in the dorm. It’s not for food, bills, movies, dates, anything.

Old Me, New Me & Financial Peace

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In the past, we would have put the Thai food on the credit card. I walked into the kitchen yesterday afternoon to start dinner when I realized that I totally forgot to take the pork chops out of the freezer the day before.

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Prairie Eco-Thrifter Was Included in Six Carnivals This Week

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Many thanks to Passive Income to Retire for including my post, The A to Z of the Top 20 Foods to Increase Brain Power in the Totally Money Carnival #51 as well as My Wealth Builder who hosted The Wealth Builder Carnival #63.

Festival of Frugality #271- 10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition

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posted at FIRE Finance , saying, “We decided to optimize our grocery expenses and pull the strings on our food budget even tighter. Over the last decade, this book has helped me to save thousands of dollars on our housing, transportation, food and clothes.&#.

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Introducing the 2014 Grocery Budget Challenge

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We also don’t want to make our family miserable with bland meals, boring snacks, and not enough food in the house. Plan on spending cash only, not credit cards. Are you spending more on groceries every month than your budget allows?

2014 194

10 Reasons You’re Broke

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You know you shouldn’t be using credit cards all the time. You spend until the money runs out and then you put your purchases on your credit card. Put some money aside for savings and food.

2012 219

How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

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Many years ago, our cash flow sucked, we put Christmas on a credit card, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for a large tax bill. – Food: groceries, meals out, school lunches. If they are, you can consider putting the extra funds into an emergency fund, pay off a credit card, or save for another financial goal. Petty Cash – This spreadsheet can be used to keep track of high value gift cards and any cash that you have tucked away.

Budget 122

Embrace the Negative!

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Warm weather, plentiful food to be had without working, few natural enemies and etc would have let us live in ease, but would we have grown? When you were a college student, you may have learned a painful lesson about credit.

2014 188

Meet Amanda & Daniel. They Paid Off $68,000 in Debt in 8 Months.

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The debt included about $30,000 in student loans, some medical debt, IRS debt, and a small amount on a credit card. We ate at home a lot and watched our food budget carefully. We still allotted a lot of money for food, but we were careful not to go too far over budget.

Debt 255