Meet a Reader | Efterpi, from Greece

The Frugal Girl

My hobbies are sewing, cooking, occasionally crocheting/crafting, and reading. Almost all of our school snacks are homemade. My small office with the sewing machine on it and on the left, my own version of the Sunday Basket. The best pizza is the homemade one!

10 FREE (but Thoughtful) Christmas Gift Ideas

Family Balance Sheet

A Homemade Meal. My aunt gifts her nieces and nephews with loaves of homemade cinnamon bread every Christmas. Are you a knitter, crafter or do you know how to use a sewing machine? Homemade Crafts. Maybe you are a crafter/knitter/crocheter with a stash of supplies? Gifts must be expensive and store bought—-SAID NO ONE, EVER!