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Welcome to Debt Free Stories. She paid off $41,587 in debt in 14 months! My daughter and I are gluten free due to celiac and changing to a healthy grain free sugar free way of cooking has become a big passion of mine over the last couple of years. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? What inspired you to get debt free? I was inspired to get debt free for 2 main reasons: 1.

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How Angela & Jeff paid off $58,000 of Debt in 2 Years

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I watched her and her husband’s debt free scream on The Dave Ramsey Show. You can find Angela at her You Tube channel, Our Life…on a Budget , where she vlogs about getting out of debt and staying there! Angela & Jeff’s Debt Free Story. We’re typical Canadians that spend most of our free time in the fall and winter months inside arenas. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? worth of debt.

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“We’re Going to Hawaii when…”

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I gave my daughter money for a smoothie for cooperating during the meet and when she walked up to the stand the first thing she said to the guy was “we’re going to Hawaii when we’re debt free” I’m pretty sure my face turned bright red, but the guy behind the stand just laughed and replied that he and his wife were going to Australia when they pay off their bills. More Debt Freedom posts: Our Debt Freedom Plan. WHY We Want to be Debt Free.

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My Life Plan

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But once I created our debt freedom plan and outlined the steps we would take to wade through the hardships, I was overcome with relief. Our Financial Goals: Pay off our non-mortgage debt. Celebrate with a trip to Walt Disney World. Pay off our mortgage debt. Celebrate debt freedom with a big family trip to Hawaii or Paris. Continue to live debt free with the ability to travel more, give more, pursue our passions. Our Debt Freedom Plan

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2012 Financial Goals

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Increase our Monthly Debt Payment. We have set a goal date of July 2015 to pay off all of our debt. We are very excited about the possibility of being completely debt-free and there are two things that have made it a possibility: (1) We made a very conscious decision 10 years ago to buy a house below our means and (2) we made a risky decision 18 months ago to convert our mortgage to a HELOC. Save for a Walt Disney World Vacation.