Meet Doug & Laura. They Paid off $23,000 in 16 Months. | Debt Free Stories

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Welcome to Debt Free Stories. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? The debt consisted of my student loans and a car loan. What inspired you to get debt free? What are the top 3 – 5 ways you found money to put towards debt.

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Meet Jackie. She and Her Husband Paid off $147,000 in Debt | Debt Free Stories

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Welcome to Debt Free Stories. She and her husband paid off $147,000 in debt–including their home. After paying off the debt, she was able to quit her job to pursue her passion. She blogs at The Debt Myth. How much debt did you pay off?

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Meet Tracy, a Single Mom Who Paid Off $41,587 | Debt Free Stories

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Welcome to Debt Free Stories. She paid off $41,587 in debt in 14 months! My daughter and I are gluten free due to celiac and changing to a healthy grain free sugar free way of cooking has become a big passion of mine over the last couple of years.

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Meet Aja. She & her husband Paid Off $110,000 in Debt

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Today’s debt free story is from Aja. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? We paid off about $110K worth of debt. We paid down mostly student loans, vehicles and business credit card debt ( we already own a home outright ).

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How Angela & Jeff paid off $58,000 of Debt in 2 Years

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I watched her and her husband’s debt free scream on The Dave Ramsey Show. You can find Angela at her You Tube channel, Our Life…on a Budget , where she vlogs about getting out of debt and staying there! Angela & Jeff’s Debt Free Story.

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2019 Debt Freedom Plan Update

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Our Debt Freedom Plan has been a long winding road. The journey started in 2012 when we bought an office building for our business and then found ourselves with a lot of debt and not enough cash flow. From what we learned in the course, we wrote our Debt Freedom Plan.

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How to Live your Dream Life Debt Free

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Living your dream life debt free requires a simply task of going back to Grade 1 math lessons and applying the concepts. Now hold that thought and think about this: living your dream life debt free. . If you stop smoking, you can use that money to fund your emergency fund.

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Shannon & Her Husband Paid off $22,000 in 9 Months

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Shannon. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? As many students do these days, we had tens of thousands of dollars of debt by the time we graduated with our Masters degrees. What inspired you to get debt free?

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Find Out How Olivia & Her Husband Paid off Their Mortgage in 33 Months

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Olivia. We are both planners and despise wasting money on debt/interest, which is what led us to pay off our mortgage as soon as we could! How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? If you’re young, avoid debt now.

2015 242

Our Debt Freedom Plan | Marriage & Money

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Prior to FPU, we thought we were doing well financially and never considered that we had too much debt. We didn’t have credit card debt, we paid off our car notes early, and the interest rate on the student loan was at a low 2.75%, so we thought we were doing okay.

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How Krystal and Josh paid off $80k in 4 years!

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I love her passion for helping others along their debt free journey. Be sure to check out her website where she is offering a free finance workbook if you subscribe to her newsletter. Krystal & Josh’s Debt Free Story. How much debt did you pay off?

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My Life Plan

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At the time, I wasn’t sure how we were going to pay our monthly bills, so future plans like funding our retirement , our daughters’ college education, or a lavish vacation were not on my mind. Our Financial Goals: Pay off our non-mortgage debt. Pay off our mortgage debt.

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How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (tips from the achievers)

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They pay off mountains of debt and scream about debt freedom, or maybe they save gobs of money in a record amount of time, or they have considerable success with their new small business. Meet The Achievers: Deacon and his wife paid off $52,000 in debt in 18 months.

Take Control of Your Money in 2015

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Most of them are related to our small business, my husband’s chiropractic office, but last January I got a bee in my bonnet about debt…thank you, Dave Ramsey. I tricked …nudged my husband into following along and together we wrote out our Debt Freedom Plan. New year.

2015 233

Money Anxiety. Let It Go.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

I keep expenses low by living below my means and when windfalls of cash come in from bigger contracts, the money goes into replenishing savings and retirement funding. There’s a lot of anxiety around money- not having enough, worrying it will run out, keeping it safe, etc.

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So here’s what I got.

Saving In Akron

I did not go into debt for this vehicle. This all goes back to having an emergency fund and paying yourself first. Lack of debt means freedom and the ability to make the choices you want to make. My family would not have survived without that emergency fund.

2012 Financial Goals

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Increase our Monthly Debt Payment. We have set a goal date of July 2015 to pay off all of our debt. We are very excited about the possibility of being completely debt-free and there are two things that have made it a possibility: (1) We made a very conscious decision 10 years ago to buy a house below our means and (2) we made a risky decision 18 months ago to convert our mortgage to a HELOC. Increase Family Emergency Fund to Six Months Salary.


Finally Frugal

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my 15 (almost 16) year old 'beater' car, which I'm trying to keep running until I'm debt-free. or whether to use the money from my extra jobs, thereby NOT sending that money to my debt. My emergency fund earns 1.10% interest.

My #SavingsPledge Goal

Saving With Shellie

I encouraged you to build an emergency fund or pay down debt with your savings. Deidre at Cuckoo for Coupon Deals is pledging to be Debt Free in Three Years. HOT DEAL: Get a Free One Month Netflix Subscription.

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