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10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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It’s no secret, I am fascinated, encouraged, and border-line obsessed with debt freedom. The idea of becoming debt free makes me downright giddy. So I love to hear the success stories of others who have found debt freedom. What did they specifically do to become debt free?

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Take Control of Your Money in 2015

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Most of them are related to our small business, my husband’s chiropractic office, but last January I got a bee in my bonnet about debt…thank you, Dave Ramsey. I tricked …nudged my husband into following along and together we wrote out our Debt Freedom Plan. New year.

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How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

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I came up with strategies to help us pay for yearly bills, large expenses, and we were able to pay off debts. We got back on track with planning our spending and we were able to breathe again. Another way to think of a budget is a spending plan. As a planner by nature, I actually like the term, “spending plan.” For example, if your paychecks net to $3000 a month, then you plan the spending for $3000, and not a single dollar over or under.

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