Giving: Does It Always Have To Be About The Money?

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Whether you are asked to donate to charity , or whether your cousin needs a little help with his finances, we often get hung up on whether or not we have enough cash to help out. Here are some ways that you can give without writing a check: Give your time : Whether you donate time at a charity, or whether you offer to babysit your friend’s children while she looks for a job, the time you give can free up resources.

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3 Ways To Save Money On The Kids’ Back To School Wardrobe

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You can also take advantage of tax free holidays, and you can set up clothing exchange clubs with your friends. A good way to make friends at your local thrift stores is to bring in your old clothing and donate it. Tax Free Holidays Some cities and towns offer periodic tax free weekends or weeks. Many times these tax free holidays are created specifically for parents who are buying clothing and school supplies for their children.

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Apply Minimalist Principles to Your Life, and Reap the Financial Benefits

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Once we made the decisions to get rid of a lot of our possessions (we donated them to the thrift shop), we also decided to be careful about the amount of clutter we brought back in to the house. Not only did we get a tax deduction for our donations, but we also adopted a plan that prevents us from spending on things that will simply clutter up our home again. We also say no to excessive activities for our son, and I say no sometimes to other obligations.

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Eight Things I Learned After Becoming a Millionaire

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If you plan to donate it, will the organization use it for the purpose you intended, or spend it on perks for their employees? How can you best protect it from evaporating into the tax systems? Most days I try to do some preparation with my sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren – to help them learn financial concepts and acquire the ability to wisely manage their money.

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Kindergarten to College – Back to School Money Tips

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learning to give by having them donate last years clothing. When you do, go on tax free day. using tax free days. Here is site that has tax free days by state listed for 2011. One of my relatives did this for the four years their son was in school. This post was written by Marie. . Who wants to think about Back to School when we are mired in the dog days of summer?

Don’t be a Buy-It-New Snob

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Fashion changes and new or nearly new clothing gets sold at sales or donated to charity. Another benefit is that I am cutting the governments out of the loop – there no sales taxes on used stuff (except big things of course, like boats or cars). When she died, I passed the cases on to my son – whose wife has 3 adorable little Yorkies. Are you a ‘buy it new’ snob – one of those people who shudder at the thought of using someone else’s cast off stuff?

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Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

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It was during this rather taxing weekend that I was reminded of how great a loving family can be. Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured tells her story about giving Self Serving Donations. Money Beagle from Money Beagle shares Our Son’s First Money Lesson , and says, “You can never start too early!&# Hello and welcome to the 316th Carnival of Personal Finance- Family Edition.