Meet Amanda & Daniel. They Paid Off $68,000 in Debt in 8 Months.

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We have led 7 sessions of Financial Peace University mostly to keep ourselves motivated. We ate at home a lot and watched our food budget carefully. We still allotted a lot of money for food, but we were careful not to go too far over budget.

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5 Ways to Trim Your Budget For Your Child’s College Fund

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Knowing exactly how much income is going out towards bills, unplanned expenses, and splurges is the first step in saving for a college fund. Planning how often to go out, and how much money will be spent is important. Eating Out.

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How this Couple Eliminated $180,000 of Debt in 12 Months!

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The segment was so inspiring that I reached out to her to see if she would participate in the Debt Free Stories series. We also listed to The Dave Ramsey Show every day for daily motivation while we worked the baby steps. We tried our best to stretch the food budget.

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Find out how Jessica paid off $56,000 of student loans, credit cards, and a car loan.

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In my spare time, I love hanging out with family and friends, running (I have completed three half marathons) and singing in my church choir. I also cashed out some company stock (about $800) I had purchased through our employee purchase program.

10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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Everyone had unique motivation for working towards debt freedom: Jackie and her husband were sick of the stress that goes along with money issues. A good question to ask yourself before larger purchases, “is this worth more to me than getting out of debt?”

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Meet Krista & Jon Who Paid Off $36,000 | Debt Free Stories

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’ Apart from our careers we’re very into cultural experience, LOVE big city life with all the culture and delicious food it provides and our greatest lament in moving to Western NY is that there won’t be the variety that our beloved Portland offers us.

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How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Life

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One of the biggest changes I noticed in my life came after I began paying better attention to what I was eating. It’s easy to mindlessly snack on junk food all day. The result has been that I eat less processed foods, and I eat healthier.

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10 Reasons You’re Broke

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You don’t know what you have coming in or out. But there is no way you are going to give up cable, the cell phone, eating out or your gym membership. You spend until the money runs out and then you put your purchases on your credit card.

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Free Kindle eBooks: Masor Jar Recipes, Back to Lazarus and More

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This children’s book will motivate the kids to take responsibility and keep their room organized. If you’re like me, you are continually searching for quick and easy low cost healthy ways to eat. Too many times we fall into the trap of having to buy fast food on the run.

How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

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You should be able to pull these numbers from your budget calendar if you filled it out correctly. – Food: groceries, meals out, school lunches. If you’re spending too much at restaurants, read: 15 Smart Tips to Save Money When Eating Out . I would never tell someone to cancel the gym membership if they use it, and if you do use a gym membership, find out how my husband got a FREE family gym membership.

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Yakezie Carnival – Credit Cards Edition

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With so many different options out there, a consumer really can get overwhelmed and into trouble if they don’t know their credit card basics. Those are all great ideas, but one company is taking it a step further to help motivate us.

Eat to Lose Weight

Saving Cents With Sense

If you watch The Biggest Loser or any of those other TV shows, you’ll find that people are working out 8 hours a day and dropping weight like crazy. I’ve tried to exercise on and off over the years, but I always get burnt out and NEVER had any fun. Key to Healthy Eating.

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Getting Started: Menu Planning Basics

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comes up and you are left to try and scramble some food together to form a meal, or end up having to order out a meal that may not be the healthiest option for your family. Meal Planning can be done in many different ways and customized to however your family eats.

Nutrisystem, Week #5 Nicole, Week #2 Jamie #NSNation

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Some of my close friends and family have signed up after hearing me rave about the food and see how well Jamie and I are both doing. We didn’t do any eating out this week which was great! I had no idea that Nutrisystem had both shelf stable as well as frozen foods.

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Master Lock National Random Act of Kindness Day 4 Giveaway

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I am trying to make this goal come true by feeding my family healthy foods whenever I am able and making better choices for everyone when we do eat out. For information on how to enter Rafflecopter Giveaways check out this post.

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Nutrisystem. Week 8 Nicole, Week 5 Jamie, #NSNation

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It’s so much easier at home when I can control more how my food is cooked but eating out is a part of life! Don’t worry about him though, he eats all my omelets! I have to constantly battle the urge to go off and eat something bad.

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Nutrisystem Week 12 Nicole, Week 9 Jamie

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I stayed on track until Friday when we went out to dinner for my sister in laws birthday and while I didn’t go overboard I did have a drink, some appetizer, a steak, a couple bites of dessert etc. Then Jamie and I went to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival and well, you know how that goes. It was a super hot day so all the sweating may have actually helped us but there was a huge amount of wine and booze and delicious food!

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Nutrisystem, Week 9 Nicole, Week 6 Jamie, #NSNation

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This week I have been eating more and more Greek yogurt. I really like the Yoplait 100 calorie Lime, it’s my favorite and I could eat 3 a day! I don’t though but I do eat 1-2 yogurts per day for my power fuels now. I also noticed that I haven’t been eating much meat at all. I will eat some in my lunch entree or dinner entree but compared to the meat servings I would eat before they are nothing!

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