Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs

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We started by categorizing our bills and spending into groups, such as housing and transportation. Other than housing, our biggest budget buster is transportation. It has great fuel economy, at about 40 MPG. At first, my attitude was that if we couldn’t drop my fiancé’s truck in favour of becoming a one-car couple with only my Civic, we wouldn’t be able to save money on transportation costs.

What’s the Most Energy Efficient Form of Transportation

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

But due to the improving economy and chaos in the Middle East, the price of oil is quickly climbing back up. I thought this would be an appropriate time to compare the efficiency of various modes of transportation. Department of Transportation,, and my trusty calculator. Department of Transportation but it could be considered a bit misleading, because it assumes there are an average of 1.57 It appears this is the most energy efficient form of transportation.


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Meet a New York Reader | Stephanie

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Although housing here is horribly expensive, you don’t need to spend much on transportation if you are cool with walking and taking public transit. Lastly, the Craigslist economy in New York is strong!

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How To Drive Green And Save On Gas Mileage

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However, none of these tools will help drivers that intentionally or unintentionally sabotage their own fuel economy. Examples of driving habits that decrease fuel economy include poor vehicle maintenance and terrible driving habits. According to Edmunds, forty-six 2012 models are equipped with start/stop systems to help increase fuel economy. a company that manufactures the start/stop systems claims these systems will increase fuel economy by 5 to 12 percent.

Saving Your Pennies For A Rainy Day

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Your needs are crucial, and include things like food, water, clothes, transportation, etc. It is a known truth, and emphasized by our current economy, that people have a hard time saving money. We have all heard that age old adage “save your pennies for a rainy day,” but many of us never do it. Saving money can be a bit of a difficult challenge, especially if you are in a household that lives paycheck to paycheck like so many do.

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10 Money-Saving Tips For Your Wedding

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With the economy the way it is and with most people affected by the recession, they will definitely understand that you want to keep costs at a minimum by having a small wedding party. Buying local is cheaper because the transportation costs are lower. This is the moment you have been anticipating. You got engaged and now you are marrying the person you love. You want the wedding of your dreams, but then you have to consider reality.

How to Have a Green Christmas

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Less transport movements mean less carbon emissions and you’ll be supporting the local economy too. While it might be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most wasteful. But being kind to the environment doesn’t mean having any less fun! Christmas Trees and Lights in the UK has some great ideas on how to turn a white Christmas into a green Christmas… Buy Smarter Look for locally made gifts at craft fairs and boutique shops.

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13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One

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It’s just creating drag which reduces your fuel economy. Sure, you could do even more to clean up your act – take public transportation, ride your bike or skateboard, walk, or even spend the money on an all-electric car like the Nissan Leaf. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET. High gas prices got you down? Wishing you had bought a new Prius or even an EV about a year ago so you could be saving a ton of money on those twice weekly fill ups? Me too.

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How to Embrace a Sustainable Living Lifestyle

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He describes sustainability as “shifting to a renewable energy-based, reuse/recycle economy with a diversified transport system” People often refer to their attempts at sustainability as “going green”, being eco-friendly or adopting an eco-living lifestyle. When you practise sustainability, you adopt a lifestyle that is termed sustainable living. This means that you incorporate strategies into your lifestyle that support the ideals of sustainability.

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Why You Should Live Green

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In the studies that included them systematically, food and drink, transport and housing are consistently the most important areas – across both different studies and the different impact categories compared (global warming, acidification, photochemical ozone formation, and eutrophication). The contribution of passenger transport to the total environmental impacts of private consumption ranges from 15 to 35%, depending on the category.

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Use to Get Low Prices

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In the process of planning the move, the need for a local transport vendor to help transfer the office contents came up. After reaching out to several local companies, each with similar questions about the project yet each providing much different pricing, all of which were out of their budget, made them realize there had to be an easier way to shop for a transport vendor. For those of you living in south Florida, spendLO is a new company with such a great premise!

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