Christmas Reward – iPad 3 Giveaway

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How better to finish off Christmas than by winning an iPad 3. I mean, who doesn’t want this handy little device?! This month, I have teamed up with a group of amazing blogging friends to give you a chance to win one, saving you having to spend a single penny.

Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag {Summer Fun Guide}

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We are a family of ice cream connoisseurs.that's a nice way of saying that we are addicts. It is one of our favorite ways to beat this incredible heat wave that is passing over the US. While we enjoy an occasional trip to the ice cream shop, that can get expensive.

JAWS Cleaning System Review & Giveaway

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Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the JAWS (Just Add Water) Cleaning System. I was really excited to try this out because not only is it eco-friendly, it is non-toxic and bio-degradable. This is a big deal for me because of children and pets.

Week of 3/18: End of the Free CVS Cash Card Deals ~ Rumors of New Deals

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Just a heads up that this week is the last of the Free CVS Cash Card deals. Rumors have it that they will have a free item each week soon. Perhaps it will work like the cash card deals, buy so much get the item free, or it may just be a weekly "look what's free" extra buck deal or scanner coupon? When I hear more I'll report. cvs cash card deal

American Dream House Sweepstakes


Enter today to win the house of your dream. The grand prize winner will receive Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) per month for the rest of their life (up to the age of 75) to pay for the mortgage or purchase of their Dream House. No purchase necessary to enter or win!

7 Reasons Why Failure is a Good Thing

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Failure is such a negative word that it seems strange to suggest that it can be a good thing. How many times have you looked back on your life, thought of mistakes you’ve made, and kicked yourself over them? I know I sure have. I have had many failures in my life.

2012 283

End World Hunger: 5 Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference

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With more than one billion people, mainly women and children, in the world suffering from hunger, it is certainly time that those of us who have 3 meals a day take action.

Simple 283

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6 Places to Find Inexpensive Organic Cotton Clothing

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Non-organic cotton is one of the most toxic crops to grow, as it uses more than 25 percent of the world’s pesticides – more than any other single agricultural product.

Six Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Grocery Bags

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Plastic grocery bags can be irritating and useful all at the same time. These days most grocery stores no longer offer paper sacks, and if you have forgotten your reusable bags, you are probably going to go home with anywhere from one to two dozen little plastic sacks.

Reuse 279

The A-Z of the Top 20 Foods for Increased Brain Power

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If you haven’t noticed I am a bit of a health nut. I read and study and work in the health and I have a huge passion for it. Every day I am continuously trying to live a healthier and more productive life. A more recent passion of mine has been the brain, how it works, and how to look after it.

2012 279

5 Ways to Find Balance in Your Life: Work, Friends and Family

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It can be easy to get so caught up with the fast pace of a challenging career that your life gets out of balance. Trust me, I have been there. When this happens, you find that your life isn’t as rewarding and satisfying as it once was.

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Ham and Bean Soup (Made with Ham Hocks)

Family Balance Sheet

What is a ham hock, you ask? I didn't know either when my mom bought two for me at an Amish farmer's market. In quick terms, it's a joint in a hog's leg. You can look it up on Wikipedia for a more descriptive definition, if you are so inclined.)

2012 236

Amazon: Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers (12 packs of 20) $3.75 Each Shipped! **SUPER HOT**

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Amazon has a great deal on Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers (12 packs of 20) , that's a total of 240 diapers. Right now you can get these 12 packs of 20 for $45 or just $3.75 each, that's $0.18 per diaper ! Plus, s hipping is FREE with Amazon Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime.

2012 198

No coupon Scenario for CVS Black Friday Ads of 11/18 + 11/22: $100+ of Products for Less Than $20

Simply CVS

Below are deal scenarios for the CVS ad for the week of 11/18 for shoppers just starting their CVS shopping adventure or who do not have any or many extra bucks on hand and do not want to spend much cash, but don't have access to, or time to find coupons. You can still spend just $17.96, get $88.23 dollars worth of items, and have $16.99 ECBs left. If you take those and do the other. $5

2012 182

10 Nifty Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

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Many people have the false belief that organic foods are a luxury that only a select few can afford. This notion is simply not true. While organic foods are more expensive than non-organic foods, they can be more affordable than you might realize.

Budget 277

How to Save Cash and Your Health With a Garden

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There really is nothing like the experience of eating something that you have just picked fresh from your own garden. Trust me! More and more people like myself are returning to the joy of growing vegetables, herbs and even eggs right in their own backyards.

Health 275

Saving Your Pennies For A Rainy Day

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We have all heard that age old adage “save your pennies for a rainy day,” but many of us never do it. Saving money can be a bit of a difficult challenge, especially if you are in a household that lives paycheck to paycheck like so many do.

2012 273

Should You Line Dry Your Clothes?

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Up through the 1950′s in America, most housewives lined dried their clothes. Clothes dryers were around, but expensive. Driving across America on a sunny summer day, you could see lines full of clothes swaying in the wind all along the way. Line drying clothing saves dryer cycles.

How to Make Millions with Passive Income

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Passive income is a new concept for many people. Some believe that it’s just a pipe dream, while others have the mindset that passive income is evil in nature because you do not have to work for your income later in life.

Making 272

How to Say No When a Sibling Asks for Money

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Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET. Only 1 day left. We are raised by parents to be nice to our brothers and sisters, to care for them and about them and to share with them – after all, they are family.

Money 269

Start Saving Early for Retirement: Tips for Young People Just Starting Out

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‘The time to start saving for retirement is yesterday’ quipped the financial advisor. The second-best time to start is today! The longer you save for retirement, the more money you will have to retire on, even if the amounts saved are quite small in the beginning.

2012 269

What Buddhism Teaches Us About Personal Finance

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Ever since visiting southeast Asia last year, I have been intrigued with Buddhism. It is one of the five largest religions in the world, with several different branches, called schools, existing within the religion.

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Family Balance Sheet

It's uncanny how much cooked spaghetti squash looks like pasta. What's even more uncanny is that my kids didn't question that it wasn't pasta. When they asked, "what's for dinner", I honestly said, "spaghetti squash." They didn't even flinch; they just gobbled it up like they do when they eat pasta.

*HOT* FREE Gold Peak Tea Deal at Giant Eagle

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Go to Coupons.com and print this $0.75/1 Gold Peak Tea Coupon NOW before it disappears. Then, take it to Giant Eagle for the following deal: Gold Peak Tea (18.5 oz.) – $1.50 each (new regular price!). Use (1) $0.75/1 Any 18.5 Gold Peak Tea Printable. FREE after doubled coupon.

CVS Ad Scan Preview for the Week of 2/26/2012

Simply CVS

Here is the CVS ad scan preview for the week of February 26, 2012. I will be putting up coupon match-ups for the deals before that week. Meanwhile, you can see if there are any coupons you'd like to print for items on sale at RedPlum, SmartSource, Coupon Network or Coupons. Remember, you can almost always print two of each coupon. If you'd like to find other coupons for CVS. 2 26 cvs ad cvs ad preview cvs deals 2 26 cvs ad preview cvs cvs ad

CVS 179

Environmental Impacts of Commercial Farming: Will You Change How You Eat?

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So, what do you think? Are you going to change the way you eat? This infographic was provided by Naturalmat. Is Being Green Futile? As many of you know, I am a large proponent of living green. In fact it is one of my.

2012 268

How To Throw A Lavish Holiday Party On A Tight Budget

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The holidays are already upon us despite the fact that it seems like just yesterday that we were barbecuing in the backyard and lighting off fireworks.

Budget 264

Why Buying Green Is Not Always Eco-Friendly.

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You’ve seen the ads on television, in magazines, an at the mall. “ Go Green ” by purchasing this reusable bag! Be more “ Eco-Friendly ” by picking up one of our 100% recycled-plastic doo-dads! Love the Earth ” by replacing your t-shirts with new designer-brand organic cotton ones!

Green 262

How to Choose an Ethical/Green Financial Planner

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Many people choose to use a financial planner for choosing and managing their financial portfolio, especially where investments are concerned.

Green 261

10 Fun Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

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Dating can be expensive. In today’s economy, inflation is quite high, and prices are rising quickly. As a result, going out several times a week can add up to a pretty penny and leave you with no savings. Good thing you can still have a fun time during a date without spending too much cash.

Bank 260

Staying Positive in a Bad Situation

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Growing up I was always taught to have a positive mindset. Especially playing competitive sports during my prime athletic career! I have taken this mindset to my financial life and this is what really fuels me to stay positive, even during the most difficult times.

2012 260

Identify Your Money Motivations

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When you are trying to improve your financial situation, one of the moves to make is to change the way you spend money. However, addressing the symptoms of your money choices isn’t likely to result in long-term changes.

Why Being Rich is Overrated

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Wealth is portrayed in movies as being the ultimate prize. People buy lottery tickets, hoping to strike it rich. Others dream of attaining riches and exerting great influence. The main reason why being rich is overrated is that it has been shown that money can’t buy happiness.

2012 256

Chicken, Pinto Beans & Rice Casserole

Family Balance Sheet

Chicken, Pinto Beans & Rice Casserole is a hearty and versatile dish. If you don't have pinto beans, replace them with another bean, such as red or white or black or chick peas. Cooked pinto beans were in my freezer, so that is what I grabbed.

Amazon: Wall AC Charger USB Sync Data Cable for iPhone 4, 3GS, and iPod – $2.17!

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If you need a back up Wall AC Charger USB Sync Data Cable for iPhone 4, 3GS, and iPod , there’s one on sale on Amazon for $2.17 shipped, down from $9.99! This is a great deal and won't last long. Hurry and get yours now before they're sold out or the price changes!

2012 184

CVS Ad Scan Preview for the Week of 4/22/2012

Simply CVS

Here is the CVS ad scan preview for the week of April 22, 2012 [this is a scan of an ad from California--some deals may differ slightly, but it is the only scan I have access to today. I see reports of an ad from the SE that has the same ECB deals]. I will be putting up coupon match-ups for the deals before that week. Meanwhile, you can see if there are any coupons you'd like to print for. 4 22 cvs ad cvs ad preview cvs deals cvs cvs ad

CVS 178

How to Save a Lot of Money by Making a Few Simple Drink Changes

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Water is good for you, but let’s face it, water can get boring. As a result, nearly all of us drink something else as well. This may be tea, coffee, soda, beer, wine, and the list goes on. However, our quest to find interesting drink options, can lead us to spending more money than we realize.

Money 254