Can Electric Cars Really Save You Money?

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Guest Post Author Bio: Miles Walker is a freelance blogger who usually writes about car insurance over at Car Insurance His recent review looked at where to get North Carolina car insurance. As gasoline prices quickly approach an average of $4 a gallon across the country, many people are looking once again at hybrid cars as a way to cut expenditures from their budget and save money. Gasoline and Hybrids.

Fossil Fuel Alternatives: Biofuel vs. Electric

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Alternatives to fossil fuel are becoming more popular not only because of their “green” benefits, but also because of concerns about relying on limited, imported resources to fuel cars – and economies. Biofuel and electricity, including hybrid-electric cars, have emerged as top alternatives to fossil fuel. Gasoline and diesel are called “fossil fuels” because they are derived from plant and animal remains that are millions of years old. Electric Cars.

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Tesla Motors: The Beginning of the End for Buying Gas or Charging Batteries

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Tesla Motors – makers of the beautiful all-electric four door sports sedan Model S – not only want to move us all into driving electric vehicles; it also wants to provide the power you need to recharge your batteries, free of charge. and Canada covered so in about two years time, owners of one of Tesla’s cars will be able to drive almost anywhere in North America, free of charge. Will a “Green” Car Really Save You Money?

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11 Ways To Make Personal Travel More Sustainable And Less Polluting

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Unless you live, work, and play in your own neighborhood and never venture outside of it, chances are you own a car or a truck. You can pick up a good used bike for under $100 and stop paying for gasoline and emitting noxious gases. Most major cities now have bike rentals available by the hour, which sure beats renting a car for the day. Doing so eliminates car payments, insurance bills, and maintenance costs. Sure beats using gasoline every day!

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13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One

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However, buying a new car isn’t in the cards for me right now, so I have to make due with the one I have. I previously wrote about how I was saving money on gasoline just by driving the speed limit but for this post I wanted to share many more tips on how to make your own car more green and eco-friendly without you having to spend a ton of dough on a new hybrid this year. Follow the instructions in your car’s manual. Shut the car off.

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