Our 2018 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

Did you make 2018 financial goals ? My husband and I discussed some ideas over our holiday break and we decided on 2 solid must-achieve financial goals for the year. If we complete them early, we’ll move on to 2 additional goals that are on our radar. Our 2 Main Financial Goals for 2018: 1 – Finish the will. 2 Additional Goals: If we save the $10k early, we’d like to work on the following 2 goals.

Our Big Financial Goal for 2016

Family Balance Sheet

It has been my obsession goal since we found ourselves in a dicey situation back in August 2013. That was the month I didn’t know if we had enough funds to cover our expenses. We have more important things to do with our money besides sending a large portion of it to the creditors every month. Fortunately, I’ve never met a goal I couldn’t handle. Make it a Necessities Only Year. What’s your financial goal for 2016?

Take Control of Your Money in 2015

Family Balance Sheet

My husband and I make some financial goals at the start of every year. When I run the numbers, I realize it’s going to take years before we can scream, ”WE’RE DEBT FREE”, our ultimate goal. Tantrum aside, it’s still going to take years, but there is room for us to make some considerable progress in 2015. This should start next week and my goal is to post on Fridays. My husband and I are pumped to make 2015 the best year ever.

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