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Find out how Charissa and Her Husband Paid Off $7665 of Debt and Cash Flowed College

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Charissa. I am a free-lance sign language interpreter, putting my husband through engineering school by paying cash. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? What inspired you to become debt free?

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How Angela & Jeff paid off $58,000 of Debt in 2 Years

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I watched her and her husband’s debt free scream on The Dave Ramsey Show. You can find Angela at her You Tube channel, Our Life…on a Budget , where she vlogs about getting out of debt and staying there! Angela & Jeff’s Debt Free Story. worth of debt.

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How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

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Many years ago, our cash flow sucked, we put Christmas on a credit card, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for a large tax bill. I came up with strategies to help us pay for yearly bills, large expenses, and we were able to pay off debts. A budget might not change your circumstances, especially if the problem is income, but a budget will help prioritize the funds that are available. – Food: groceries, meals out, school lunches.

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