My Life Plan

Family Balance Sheet

At the time, I wasn’t sure how we were going to pay our monthly bills, so future plans like funding our retirement , our daughters’ college education, or a lavish vacation were not on my mind. But once I created our debt freedom plan and outlined the steps we would take to wade through the hardships, I was overcome with relief. Our Financial Goals: Pay off our non-mortgage debt. Increase our emergency fund to 6 months of expenses.

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Shannon & Her Husband Paid off $22,000 in 9 Months

Family Balance Sheet

Today’s Debt Free Story is from Shannon. What do you and your spouse do for a living? I’m Shannon Brown, and I’m a crunchy Christian mama blessed to live in beautiful North Idaho. I have been sharing my passion for simple living on since 2011, and I now have added the Real Mom’s Guide series of books and courses to further encourage my readers! How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it?

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