Family Budget Spreadsheets 2021

Family Balance Sheet

That is why I created Family Budget Spreadsheets — a bundle of spreadsheets that we personally use to plan and budget our money. I found a lot of printable (pdf) budgets, but couldn’t find a spreadsheet that I liked. Are you ready for a fresh start?

How to Budget (and Pay) for Yearly Bills + a FREE Speadsheet

Family Balance Sheet

They can cause a panic, especially when just one bill is into the four figures, like our property taxes or auto insurance! But let me show you how to budget (and pay) for yearly bills with a strategy I’ve used for years. property & school taxes – due yearly.

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Introducing: Family Budget Spreadsheets

Family Balance Sheet

I’ve been working behind the scenes on a tool that I personally use to track and organize our finances: Family Budget Spreadsheets. I found a lot of printable (pdf) budgets, but couldn’t find a spreadsheet that I liked. There was a month in 2013 where I hadn’t planned on a large property tax bill and I wasn’t sure where we were going to find the money.

Create a Personal Escrow Fund | 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

Family Balance Sheet

Does your property tax bill give you anxiety? That used to be me. Our homeowners insurance and property taxes are not tied in with our mortgage so we receive those bills and are responsible for paying them instead of the bank that owns the mortgage. How were we going to find the funds by the due date? property & school taxes – due yearly. Welcome to 31 Days to Organize Your Finances.

Four Reasons to Have a Gravel Driveway

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We used to have a concrete driveway, but as part of a landscaping project, we ripped it out and replaced it with gravel. When we had the concrete, every year we would find new cracks and chips and heaves from freezing and thawing. Because of this, in April 2013, Maryland lawmakers implemented what is referred to as a Rain Tax. According to The Washington Times : “The Rain Tax essentially charges homeowners for any surface of land they own that does not absorb rainwater.

How I’m Managing our Family Budget during the Pandemic

Family Balance Sheet

Pre-coronavirus, we didn’t think twice about shaking a stranger’s hand, using the ATM keypad, or going to the grocery store without donning a hazmat suit. This is not an elective, fun, no-spend month like what we did in January to find funds for our summer vacation.

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5 Books with Insights that Changed the Way I Think About Money

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We have to pay for maintenance and property taxes and the interest on the loan. These costs are are only partially offset by the fact that, in the United States, I get a tax deduction for some of them. If we move again, my hope is that we find a nice place to rent, and that we invest the money we save instead. If all you do is use the savings account, you’ll never grow your wealth fast enough to truly enjoy it while you are young enough to.

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Why You Should Be Skeptical of Financial “Rules of Thumb”

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Rules of thumb are often used to make various financial decisions. While they can be helpful when it comes finding a starting point, rules of thumb should be approached with a degree of skepticism. Rules of thumb can be useful in terms of starting points for deciding on what to do next. And what happens when you add in property taxes, utility, home insurance, and maintenance?

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Should YOU Buy a Boat?

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We own a lake front property, yet do not own a boat. ” Those figures probably don’t include initial outlays for things such as a tarp to cover the boat when not in use; safety gear for all boat passengers; necessary electronics, such as GPS (so you don’t get lost), radio (to call for help) and sonar (to find those rocks and fish). Then, you would also need the gear that makes having and using a boat fun.

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How We Paid off Six Figures of Debt

Family Balance Sheet

We had been renting for over 10 years and we were ready to find a property to move our business to and eventually build our net worth. Our business was doing very well, and we were excited about the opportunity to own a property outside of our home.

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How our Debt Freedom Plan Prepared Us for the Pandemic

Family Balance Sheet

I am totally paraphrasing the year, but had it not been for the money in our emergency savings, we would most likely have used credit cards to survive. I still use my spreadsheet to this day! 25 Ways to Find Cash for your Emergency Fund.

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How to Save on Rental Cars

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The sales tax, plus the ongoing higher property tax and insurance are really turning him off – and the van does fine if we drive it locally or just for a few hours to the lake. Airports are notorious for tacking on fees and taxes. Extra personal and property insurance ($6.95 Some rental companies will give you a lower rate and still not charge you for days you didn’t use in the week if you return it early. Use your discounts.

How to Save Money on Your Home’s Mortgage

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If you find ways to reduce your mortgage payments, you could wind up saving a lot of money each month. This extra money can be used to fund your retirement account or pay down some bills. Regardless of what purpose you decide to use this money for, it is always a good idea to get a lower mortgage payment whenever possible. The lenders use it to protect their interest in the property. Get a property tax assessment. Your tax bill could be incorrect.

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How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

Family Balance Sheet

Many years ago, our cash flow sucked, we put Christmas on a credit card, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for a large tax bill. A budget could help you avoid late and insufficient funds fees, find money for an upcoming trip or expense, and ease a disagreement over finances in a marriage. We have been using this system ever since. A zero-based budget is planning for every single dollar of after-tax income. You can find that here: [link].

Save Taxes: Negotiate A Reduction in Your Assessed Value

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If you own real estate, you have been, or someday will be, confronted with a rise in your assessed property value. This usually leads to an increase in your real estate taxes! Increases in your assessed value can sometimes be negotiated downward, saving you tax money. Assessed value is the value that will be used in determining how much you will pay in real estate taxes. Most state laws require that assessed value be based on the market value of the property.

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How to Say No When a Sibling Asks for Money

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Keep it businesslike and a bit formal and use this speech to prevent the conversation from becoming a high pressure appeal to your heartstrings. Say No the Right Way The Tower of Power site suggests that you will be more successful saying no if you use the right No. Use Alternate Solutions Look for non-monetary resolutions. This is similar to using the ‘Alternate solution No described above. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET.

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