Food-Waste Fighting Meals | the lunches-only edition

The Frugal Girl

When I make breakfast and lunch for myself, I almost always do so with an eye to using up odds and ends of food. Other times, this happens: That’s a leftover hot dog, an avocado with a few bad spots cut out, some grape tomatoes, some leftover rice, and a fried egg.

Day 16: How to Stop Food Waste in the Kitchen

Family Balance Sheet

Day 16 of 31 Days to Slash your Grocery Spending: Avoid Food Waste. family of four discards around $1,500 a year on food. family of four discards around $1,500 a year on food. Imagine saving your family’s budget $1500 a year just by being more aware of your food waste and taking action to stop it. How to Stop Food Waste in the Kitchen. Instead you will have a chance of claiming that $1500 of wasted food.


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4 Quick Tips to Cut Down on Food Waste

Couponing 101

There are countless causes of food waste, but the effects may be less well known. Wasted food can consume a good chunk of your budget, and it’s harmful to the environment. A few simple lifestyle changes are all you need to reduce your food waste, allowing you to save money and be kinder to Mother Earth. Buying too much food can be a surefire recipe for creating food waste. Eat Your Leftovers. Leftovers make great meals.

From Garbage to Gourmet: Prevent Food Waste and Create Delicious Food

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American households throw away 25% of the food that we purchase - and it's not just bread heels and moldy leftovers. There's a whole host of edible things that we automatically throw away that can be used to make delicious food! This ebook will challenge and inspire you to do more than you ever thought possible with food. You'll learn principles and strategies for preventing and reducing food waste, along with over 80 recipes.

Q&A | Unorthodox + 3 more reader questions

The Frugal Girl

When my kids were younger and I did more of the work of preparing meals for them, I did often try to do so with an eye to preventing waste. I heated up leftovers for them. I made rice pudding with leftover rice. It’s been a minute since we did a Q&A!

Want a Month of Free Groceries? Stop Wasting Food | Kitchen Economics Link Up

Family Balance Sheet

As I was flushing a very old, forgotten-about, slimy Greek salad down the disposal last week, it occurred to me that I have gotten a little lax about leftovers at our house. (I I didn't compost the salad, because it had feta cheese mixed in) We certainly eat leftovers, but by the end of last week, we were (1) lazy and (2) lazy. Eating leftovers is one of my tenets of saving money in the kitchen but I am even guilty of wasting food at times.

Clean Your Refrigerator | Weekly Decluttering Challenge

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Last week, we cleaned and organized our pantry and food cupboards and this week, we’re going to focus on our refrigerator and freezer. By keeping our kitchens organized, menu planning will be much easier, we’ll reduce our food waste, and we’ll be less likely to buy duplicates. Discard outdated food. Sort the food by category, such as dairy, condiments, drinks, leftovers, etc, and group categories together.

What We Ate this Week on our Budget 12.14.18

Family Balance Sheet

Monday: Leftover night! My family was not thrilled, but we need to reduce our food waste. Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars by reducing your food waste?!?! Here’s a peek at what we ate this week on our budget. I’ve had to bump up the budget over the years as my kids have grown and started to eat as much as adults. I now spend $600-700/month on groceries and I struggle to remember those days when I spent $400-500.

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Weekly Meal Plans

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We each received a set number of food points to use each week. We tried making meal plans for two week periods before going shopping, but that led to some food waste since we are sometimes hit with specific cravings and ignore the plan willy-nilly. After a little while, we realized we really only needed to plan for four evening meals a week as well as lunches and snacks to avoid waste. We either have leftovers or use frozen dinners from Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine.

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Keeping the Christmas Dinner Costs and Waste Down

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Being that there are only two of us in our household, we never use up bulk groceries before they go bad, making it a wasteful endeavour. We’ll be purchasing everything except for the turkey in bulk (brussell sprouts, potatoes, cranberry sauce or fresh cranberries, bread for stuffing, etc) and then dividing it so that none goes to waste. This allows us to cash in on the savings without watching our money go in the garbage by food waste.

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How to Save Money on Groceries

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of Agriculture, a US family of 4 discards around $1500 a year on food waste. Imagine saving your family’s budget $1500 a year just by being more aware of your food waste and taking action to stop it. Designate one night a week as “raid the fridge’ night to get rid of leftovers. Everyone’s plate might look different, but you’ll at least use up the leftovers and reduce the waste. Stock up on Seasonal Foods/Meats. Save Big on Organic Foods.

Four Easy Ways to Save on Basic Necessities

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

The American culture is wrought with excessive spending so it is no surprise that the typical household overspends on necessities such as food, gas, utilities, and phone usage. How to Save Money on Food. You cannot avoid spending money on food. Most importantly, reduce food waste. Throwing food away is a waste of money so buy fresh produce locally that will last longer, learn how to preserve food longer, and eat everything before it spoils.

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Save Money with Meal Planning

Couponing 101

Using coupons will save you money at the register, but using your food wisely is going to save you money as well! We wasted more food (produce, leftovers, etc. We ate more quick/convenience foods. So, in a nutshell, not planning our menus cost us a lot of time, money, and probably contributed to us getting sick over the holidays (since we were eating unhealthy food). Knowing what’s on hand will prevent food waste and make menu planning easier.

Vegetable Frittata with Broccoli and Sausage

Saving Everyday

Frittatas are a perfect way to use up leftovers, and my vegetable frittata with broccoli and sausage is delicious, hearty, and filling! I’m incredibly passionate about food waste , and frittatas are one of my favorite ways to use up produce and leftovers! In Italy, they even add leftover pasta and potatoes. Frittatas are a perfect way to use up leftovers, and my vegetable frittata with broccoli and sausage is delicious, hearty, and filling! Pinterest.

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P.E.P. for Week of January 10-14/11-Seeking Balance Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Money Crashers shares with us 7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste- Freezing Food and Making Leftover Recipes. Well, I don’t know about you but this week has felt very long and tiring. Both my husband and I have been feeling quite tired this week. Maybe our bodies are trying to fight off the bugs that are going around. We have been lucky so far…haven’t been sick once this year, including all 2010.