Clean Your Refrigerator | Weekly Decluttering Challenge

Family Balance Sheet

Last week, we cleaned and organized our pantry and food cupboards and this week, we’re going to focus on our refrigerator and freezer. By keeping our kitchens organized, menu planning will be much easier, we’ll reduce our food waste, and we’ll be less likely to buy duplicates.

How to Save Money on Groceries

Family Balance Sheet

However, groceries is also an easy budget category to control, but it takes some planning, skill, and organization. Personally, if I don’t make a shopping list and plan my meals, my grocery budget is toast. Menu Plan. Menu Plan. Menu Plan.

Grocery Budget Challenge | January Meeting

Family Balance Sheet

The Goal of the Grocery Budget Challenge is to be creative with our meal planning and grocery shopping so that we aren’t over-spending. We don’t want to make our families miserable with bland meals, boring snacks, and not enough food in the house.

Budget 153

Save Money with Meal Planning

Couponing 101

Did you know that meal planning is one of the keys to saving money on your grocery bill? Using coupons will save you money at the register, but using your food wisely is going to save you money as well! I admit to completely dropping the ball with menu planning.