4 Great iPhone Apps For Losing Weight

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Keeping track of how much you eat and knowing what goes into the food you eat is very important. The food database truly is amazing, 475.000 different foods so you can always get an estimate of how much calories you are eating.

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Free Kindle eBooks: Spiralizer Cookbook, Easy Lotion Recipes and More

For the Mommas

This book is a collection of checklists and templates that give recommendations for all aspects of holiday planning – food, decorations, gifts, and even tips on learning more about the history and true meaning of the holiday.

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Breaking Down Disney Lingo

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For those who are not as familiar with Disney, you may find yourself confused when others speak you using Disney jargon. Often throughout the year, Disney will have “free dining” promotions, which give all guests staying at Disney resorts a DDP package for no additional cost.

How To Tuesday: Extreme Couponing (Part 7)

Saving With Shellie

Part 3: How to Understand Bargain Jargon. These coupon books typically coincide with National promotions like Frozen Food month or a Diabetes Awareness campaign. Also, it’s usually a good idea to give all your manufacturer coupons first and give all your store coupons second.