6 More Ways to Handle Food Price Inflation

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If you’ve been paying attention at all while you shop for food, you’ve probably noticed that grocery prices have been going up in the last year or so. Here’s some detailed information from the USDA about rising food prices. ). In fact, homemade pizzas cost $1.87.

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Pizza Pie in the Sky: A Complete Guide to Pizza by Cooking Penguin (reg. This cookbook is a complete look at the making of pizza, from dough to finished pie. Focusing on technique and fundamentals, it will teach you how to prepare all of the famous types of pizzas such as hand tossed, deep dish, stuffed crust, calzone, grilled pizza, and dessert pizza to name a few. Make mouth-watering, delicious cakes that require little to no baking in an oven!


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WIS, WWA | Not a stellar cooking week

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It was a week of serious randomness with our food spending. But despite the fact that I did not have a fantastic week in the kitchen, our food spending was actually a little below budget. $7 So we spent $20 on fast food and called it good. What I Spent.

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Long-lasting nonstick on these baking trays promotes excellent food release and easy cleanup when making pizzas, cookies or even small casseroles. Amazon: Farberware Bakeware Steel Nonstick Toaster Oven Pan Set, 4-Piece $11.49.

Got any frugal electricity tips?

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And in the winter, I make sure to open those same blinds and curtains to take advantage of the sun’s heat. If a fall or winter day is unusually warm, I open up all the windows in the heat of the day and then I make sure to close them as soon as the temperatures start falling.

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Tabasco Sauce Printable Coupon + Super Bowl Recipe Ideas!

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My friends and I are planning a game day get-together this year and we have all sorts of delicious foods on the menu! He puts it on just about everything – eggs, pizza, soup, you name it! If you add just a little bit it will simply enhance the flavor of your food. I know many people like to make pizza for the big game, and you can find many original recipes on the Pizza Perfected page that would be great for your Super Bowl party!

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